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The CBSE Term 2 board exams for class 10th are scheduled to be held in the month of March. Students are gearing up and striving hard for one of the most important exams of their academic life. Having spent months preparing for the board exams, it is important to maintain composure and follow the right advice to make the most of your final month.

Indeed, mathematics and science are among the challenging subjects in board exams. If prepared well, these two subjects could form the foundation of your success in the Term 2 board exams. Hence, it is advisable to have a thorough strategy in place for mathematics and science. To help you with the same, Toppr answr brings you 5 hacks that every student should follow for mathematics.

Key Hacks for Mathematics

1.    Emphasise on Important Topics

Studying according to the weightage of topics helps you identify the key areas of the subject. For instance, Algebra has a weightage of 10 marks in total. Hence, it is wise to focus on algebraic topics like Quadratic Equations and Arithmetic Progressions. Similarly, topics like circles from Geometry are unmissable and should be prepared thoroughly to reap the maximum benefits during the exam.

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A detailed breakup of the marks per topic can be found below.

Statistics and Probability08

2.    Solve, Check, Repeat

To ace mathematical concepts, experts suggest that students should frequently solve and practice the problems mentioned in the textbooks. Indeed, mathematics is a high-scoring subject and could play an important role in enhancing your final score. Regular practice of solving mathematical problems will help you ensure a firm hold on the concepts. Moreover, it instils a sense of confidence when you encounter similar problems or questions in the exam.

3.    List Down Formulae

Mathematics consists of several formulae, concepts and theorems. Many times, students might find it difficult to recall the formula or theorem during the exam. Hence, it is strongly suggested that students should list down formulae and theorems as separate copies or crisp notes. This list shall come in handy when revising right before the exam.

4.    Focus on NCERT

NCERT book remains the ultimate guide for all your mathematical needs. Be thorough with each and every question in the NCERT book. It is also advisable to go through each of the solved examples mentioned in the book. NCERT textbooks are not only sufficient for the entire Term 2 syllabus but are also sufficient to cover the basics of the topics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

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5.    Allocate Time Better

Time management is your ultimate key in acing mathematics exams. You should prioritise time according to the weightage of every question. This can be achieved only by solving frequent mock tests and previous year papers. Mock tests and previous year papers shall help you in implementing the time management strategies. Refer to the below table for better insights.

Question WeightageTime Allocation
1 mark2 – 2.25 minutes
2 marks4.25 – 4.5 minutes
3 marks6.5 – 6.75 minutes
4 marks9 – 9.25 minutes

As you edge closer to the exam day, there might be moments when you face study doubts and queries. During such times, you should seek support from doubt resolution platforms like Toppr answr. Such platforms connect you with subject-matter experts 24×7 to get all your queries answered instantly. Hence, a meticulous study pattern along with the judicious use of e-learning tools will help you ace class 10th board examinations. All the best!

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