8 Reasons to Join Student Clubs in College

8 Reasons to Join Student Clubs in College

Initially, when starting college, students can feel a range of emotions. Anything from nervousness to the excitement is on the plate, and it is hard to find oneself at rest. College is without a second thought the most exciting time of a student’s life. It is indeed an entirely different world out there, and everyone remembers it for a lifetime.

Everyone has heard about the life of an engineering student. How they are occupied by the subjects in BTech courses, the projects, internships, and what not! However, any college student, from any class can make their college life interesting and learn more than just their coursework. Before enrolling in a college, make sure there are active student groups where you can learn several things apart from your regular coursework. For instance, BML Munjal University has over 20+ active student clubs ranging from robotics, auto, culinary, martial arts, photography and more.

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Every college and every university has several student clubs which are dedicated for numerous cocurricular activities. A student club is an association of students who are united by a common goal or interest. Joining such clubs are a wonderful way of getting involved in cocurricular activities with your peers and even make new friends!

Here are eight reasons why you should join Student Clubs


One of the greatest benefits of participating in a student club is the opportunity to network. It is a perfect way to meet new people outside of your classroom. Making connections, meeting new people, and building new relationships outside of the classroom will help you in the long run. It is the best and simplest way to get in touch with people with same hobbies and interests.

Social Skills

Social skills are also the soft skills, which necessarily mean “people skills” – they are the skills that allow us to interact with others effectually. Communication is one of the essential attributes for a student. Participating in various activities will not only teach you communication skills, but it will also help you understand people and their attitudes. It will teach you to communicate with both groups and individuals. It is a terrific way to develop emotional intelligence.

Team Work

Student clubs go out of the way and teach you more about other skills. Knowing how to work with a team is indispensable for any career. It puts you into situations where you will have to work as a team. It gives you an opportunity to take advice from you peers as well as give your own where required. For an engineering student, it is vital to learn how a team works.

Personality Development

Most students often have this question about how will their personality develop by joining a student club? A student will learn to communicate better because they will be required to interact with distinct types of people. You will also get to balance education and work of the student club.

Leadership Skills

There will be several instances where you will have to take ownership and responsibility for the team. If you became a part of the executive board, it is likely that you will be leading your club. Joining a student organisation will provide you training and instill skills of a leader. These skills will boost your confidence as an individual.

Expand Your Resume

Showing employers that you were a part of a student organisation or a club will look good on a resume. If you have to lead a club or were a part of the decision-making team, recruiters will know you are hardworking and can handle multiple responsibilities.


Student organisations will involve you in various activities, and you will gain experience while working with others. Planning an event on a large scale will give you a ton of valuable real life experience.


Student clubs offers many opportunities to get involved in various activities outside of your regular classroom life. It is a fantastic way to get involved in groups and beat the mundane routine. Making new friends, learning new things, and being active on the campus will boost your social life.

College life is exceptional, and we have all heard interesting stories from our seniors, parents, and peers. In the end, it is a journey of a lifetime. After all, life is not just about making money and chasing your career. One can effectively involve themselves in various activities that suit their demeanor. There are all kinds of student clubs that focus on different spheres such as art, drama, theater, music, social service, adventure, leadership and what not! The idea is about getting involved and upgrading your skills. Student clubs are an opportunity, and one should actively seek and join one!

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