Air Ok Technologies a start-up by IITians, launches high-quality made-in-India face masks

Air Ok

New Delhi, August 07, 2020: IIT-Madras incubated clean technology start-up Air Ok Technologies has stepped up to design and launch a range of high-quality face masks under Air Ok Breathe Safe series. Following the impact of COVID-19, wearing face masks has become an integral part of our lives. In a bid to provide an all-round safety solution, Air Ok has introduced N95 and N99 masks following detailed and careful research. It comes with EGAPA Carbon infused with anti-counterfeit filter media and is built with anti-allergic fabric. EGAPA is a patented technology built by Air Ok with high-filtration efficiency.

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Air Ok masks have comfortable facial fit due to their ergonomic design. Also, the masks are built using antimicrobial technology, offer five-layered protection and are water repellent. It’s a reusable mask with a foldable design for easy storage post usage. As some scientists have suggested that the virus may be airborne and also has the ability to penetrate cloth surfaces, Air Ok Breathe Safe masks are made with special fabric that involves spun-bond polypropylene and melt-blown polypropylene. These components work together to create a complex web to offer maximum protection. This web has excellent wicking, and barrier properties, i.e. the masks are effective against ultrafine air particles (0.1 microns). Air Ok Breathe Safe filtration is proven and certified to filter with BFE 99.9%.

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Mr. V Deekshith Vara Prasad, Founder and CEO of Air Ok Technologies said “The significance of wearing face mask is well-known, but still there have been inquisitiveness over whether masks are the best protection against COVID-19. Air Ok Technologies is dedicated to people’s welfare, allowing them access to clean and healthy air. Hence, we stepped up to perform in-depth research and come up with products that are an all-round solution in these challenging times.”

Wearing masks has its own challenges, and the hot, humid weather further makes the whole process difficult. Air Ok has laid a special emphasis towards easy respiration via the masks. The masks are easy to wear and carry comfortable elastic ear loops and support clip. It comes with a soft handle, good drape ability and excellent moisture resistance. Some other notable features are: NABL certified, Layer 1 is anti-static non-woven fabric; Layer 2 is EGAPA carbon infused fabric which is powerful enough to filter 0.3 micron particles; Layer 3 is built with Melt blown filter paper with 95% filtration potency; Layer 4 is melt blown non-fabric filter with 99% filtration efficiency;  Layer 5 is hot air cotton filter; and Layer 6 is is PP-Non-Woven-Absorbs unwanted moisture. The masks are priced between Rs 299 and Rs 699.

About Air Ok

Air Ok Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company Headquartered at Delhi, focused on addressing the rising levels of air pollution with innovative solutions in air purifiers, filters, face masks, purifying bags and others. The company specializes in providing customized solutions for indoors, outdoors and for both residential as well as commercial setups, including data centres. Their flagship solution is EGAPA, a patented filter technology that efficiently reduces high levels of CO2, PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, Odours and other toxic chemicals, thereby providing a comprehensive indoor air quality solution. Besides providing innovative solutions, the company is also focused on unique designs of the products to enhance user experience and align with today’s design sense of homes and offices.

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