Amazing Humanoid Robots

Amazing Humanoid Robots
Amazing Humanoid Robots

amazing humanoid robots

Today we are going to discuss amazing humanoid robots. Imaging on a fine morning you are watching the early morning news and the presenter is a robot. This is not a dream or a fiction movie but the current reality. In the age of technology more and more companies are in the rat race to create extremely human-looking robots that can work closely with actual humans and can understand humans in a better way.  

Humanoid Robots replicates human behaviour, emotions and expressions in a more Human way. So the list of amazing humanoid robots starts with Sophia.

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A humanoid robot has a citizenship of a country. Sophia is a creation of Dr David Hanson’s who is a founder of Hanson Robotics it is a HongKong based company. Sofia is now actually a Saudi Arab citizen. She was developed to look like Audrey Hepburn, a famous Hollywood actress. Camera in Sophia’s eyes is combined with a different algorithm that makes her see things. She can remember faces, sustain eye contact and able to have conversations in natural language. In Jan 2018 she got upgraded with functional legs. Sophia has appeared in many conferences and appeared for face to face conversation for many interviews. Sophia believes she is a better fit for the healthcare industry.


Erica is an advanced android designed as a research platform. Erica was designed by Hiroshi Ishiguro, the director of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory in Kyoto University, Japan. Erica can speak with a synthesized voice and can recognize voice too have natural motion generation, shake hands, can interact by making several facial expressions and gestural movements.


Nadine has strong human-likeness with natural-looking skin and hair which makes it stand in a list of amazing humanoid robots. She is modelled on Professor Nadia. Nadine was developed by Kokoro Japan with her software platform developed at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Nadine is based on cutting edge robotic technology She has 3D depths cameras, a microphone, and a webcam to gather visual and audio inputs. She has a total of 27 degrees of freedom for facial expression and can remember persons even the facts and event of there last meeting. Nadine can converse in 6 languages English, German, French, Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese.

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