An Ideal Gift to a Travelers at Heart

Plaza Premium Lounge

Festival, occasion or simply any day celebration, whatever be your reason, double your joys with Plaza Premium’s choicest Gift Card.

This card is not just accessible to the world’s largest independent lounge network, but also has some amazing offers one can’t refuse! With this Gift Card we at Plaza Premium share our delights with you, so that you can splendidly spoil yourself and your favorite jet-setter. What more? A special limited edition of Plaza Premium Group’s 20th anniversary Gift Card is now available with a bucket full of bonuses.

Benefits like utilising one card accessible to Skytrax-awarded Best Independent Airport Lounge in over 70 lounges and 30 airports across the world, sharing your visits with your loved ones, availing a plethora of services and special bonuses ranging from extra lounge visits, relaxing massage service to dining experience for your selection can easily be opted, and all this without any membership being required! 

Just as your joys of celebrations don’t wait for any time or day, our golden bonuses for you too are always going to add a special touch with exclusive services ranging from complimentary lounge use to Asia Miles™, there’s always something to wow our Gift Card travellers throughout the year.

With three specially curated Gift Cards to choose from, you can take away whichever best suits your travel needs. A gift card that is perfect for roundtrip utility or couple travels, and offers up-to one year validity for 2 visits would cost you around $98. While, if you’re looking for a gift card perfect for family or group travels with perks to share the card among travellers, you can opt for a card with 5 visits for $219. There is also a special card for frequent or business travellers with a total saving of 50%! This card offers 10 visits for $349. So, whichever be your suited indulgence, don’t miss out on what these amazing gift cards have to offer for you and your loved ones. Still waiting? Log today and purchase your Gift Card to avail special bonuses and rewards with just 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select Card Type, Special Bonus and whether it’s a Gift or for Personal Use

Step 3: Input Recipient or Registration Details

Step 4: Add to Cart and Proceed to Pay

Step 5: Present confirmation letter to collect your gift card (must be activated within six months upon order date) 

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