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There’s a maker/creator in each one of us. Avishkaar creates products, services, and experiences that talks to that maker and inspire them to make. Currently, we have a range of products in the domain of Educational Robotics that inspires primarily children to make/invent.

Beginnings & History:

Avishkaar was started as Building Blocks Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd in the year 2010. Over the last eight years, the company has evolved from first services to second solutions and now a product company. However, the focus of the organization has always been to develop creativity and innovation amongst the children.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Over these years, we have set up Robotics/Tinkering/Science Labs in close to 700 schools across the country. We have the presence in all the states of the country via our channel network and boast a very strong product development (hardware, software, web and industrial design team). In addition to a robust Product team, we have noteworthy Marketing, Events, Channel Development, and Curriculum and Training Team as well. Our IRC League is the biggest Science and Technology competition in whole of South Asia and has close to 50,000 students participating every year.

Starting from one man’s dream to bring innovation to classrooms, we have now grown into a committed group of 85 people whose biggest dent in the universe is to inspire a Maker in each one of us.

Product Portfolio:

Avishkaar’s product ecosystem starts from the age group of 5 years and goes all the way to 16 years (however, if you have managed to keep the child like curiosity alive in you then our products work for 5 years to infinity).

Our introductory product (Robby) is just the right non intimidating friendly Robot for your 5-8-year-old who can make it dance or swing it from the fingertips of an app or even program it from a child friendly desktop Application. The goal here is to introduce logical thinking, sequencing, and programming to young kids.

Our first construction set is Avishkaar INTRO – its a full-fledged Robotics design system that aims at 8 to 10 years old to create moving models that can solve day to day problems of moving, picking, carrying etc. The goal here is to teach Creativity, Imagination and Scientific temperament to the users.

Building upon INTRO is our LITE set that has the capability to teach limited Programming skills in addition to a whole some Robotics Design system. Since it comes equipped with a microcontroller based brain, one can control various designs that one makes either through a program or a wireless controller. Its aimed at 10 to 12-year-olds.

Our full-fledged Programming based Robotics Design set is the FULL kit that boasts of all sorts of sensors, a child friendly GUI Language, a fairly Robust brain and a comprehensive design system. This is just the right set for 12 years and above.

At Avishkaar, we have embraced the open source movement and our X series is an initiative in that direction only. It fits in well with various Arduino, RPi or open hardware movements of the world and is just the right prototyping platform for 14+ students.

With all the above products, we have a very strong and sturdy ecosystem that caters to all of your needs for 10 years once you enter at the age of 5 years.

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