Book Review: Dream Beyond Shadows by Kartikeya Ladha

Dream Beyond Shadows

Kartikeya Ladha, a former salesman from New York and an aspiring writer, documents his life’s journey in his book “Dream Beyond Shadows” as he crosses oceans and barriers in his life changing journey to Peru, a small country in South America.

Seated on a chair with a pair of eyes fixed at an illusory point on a plain white wall, a mind loses its sense of time and morphs past the wall to enter another dimension of mirage, aided by a lifetime of unforeseen events that happened in the Amazon Jungle.

He experiences the remarkable healing properties of shamanic ceremonies in the Amazon Jungle, the sublime energy of the ancient Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu and the Andes Mountains, the openness of Peruvian villagers and their commendable life-styles in harmony with nature, and friendship of many individuals who ‘coincidentally’ enter his life at the most appropriate moments to help him integrate the vital changes taking place in his being.

Kartikeya Ladha

In pursuit of this truth, the writer renounced his American dream of building a life in New York, to embark upon a journey to Peru, South America. During his odyssey he followed his calling to the depths of the Amazon Jungle and there he visited a shaman, and experienced the mystical healing powers of Ayahuasca, which launched him on a quest to uncover the deep-rooted purpose of his life, and inspired him to tell this story and serve his duty as a Messenger of the Jungle.

This story does not derive from the writer’s imagination but from the writer’s actual experience, which has given him the opportunity to breathe freely for every second of his life, regardless of how deplorable a situation is. This story is not an attempt to craft intellectual discussion, or to prove a point, nor to show others what inspired the writer to narrate the story.

It is solely written for the seekers of this world, who need an affirmation that it is possible to discover their true path in life and then create their own reality based on their truth – as distinct from being controlled by a never-ending circle of desires.

The writer realized that the only way for him to find his true purpose in life was to completely surrender himself to this world and begin the process of cleansing the accumulated rubbish from his being. Only when he’d freed himself from this world’s conditioning and futile societal beliefs, could he begin to relearn the realities of life and remove himself from the delusions we have all been socialized to be a part of, delusions that force us to deny the possibility that something mightier and more vigorous than us could exist in this world. Delusions that stop us from composing a life beyond the measures of normalcy and keep us oblivious of the possibility that other reality could exist in this abstruse totality.

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