Building Blocks Of A Career In The Events Industry


With the world turning into a global village and connectivity increasing manifolds – the event industry received the necessary boost to kickstart its upward trajectory. Over the years, there have been a series of challenges, changes and transitions, the virus outbreak being the most recent and turbulent one. Even when the governments worldwide put restrictions on public gatherings, the event sector managed to grow and stay afloat. From live formats; online events to modern day’s – hybrid versions, this industry is known for its flexibility and adaptability to change. 

With normalcy slowly returning, the event landscape is expected to grow, generating greater demand for trained professionals with the required skill sets. Before getting into the skills you need for a successful career in event management, let’s understand what this field can offer you – 

The event landscape is ideal for those who enjoy diversity in their job. It tests one’s creativity, technicality and organisational skills. As an event manager, you will have the power to create unique experiences for each of your clients – regardless of whether they are corporate giants, artists, educational institutions, government agencies or individuals looking to host large scale events. As per reports, it is a fast-growing industry, indicating that the opportunities for future career development will be plenty.  Organising a few hit events can help you kickstart the journey and help establish your reputation as a sought-after event planner in the long run. 

Now, the question is – how to make a mark as a beginner in the event sphere? 

When you think of duties like selecting food and décor, working with multitudes of people, or operating from exciting venues instead of a work-desk – planning an event sounds like a dream job. However, it is crucial to know that events are much more than these roles. Organising an event is like building a house. The most critical aspect of developing a robust foundation for any event is chalking out details like the budget, extent, and scope. Before diving into the planning process, make sure you have taken a client-first approach and spent enough time understanding what they are looking for. A good event planner has a clear picture of the minute-to-minute execution, and at the same time, has the dynamism to handle contingencies efficiently. Here are some skills that will help you flourish in this industry – 

  • Creativity – In this sector, your primary role is to turn your client’s vision into an enticing reality. By simply carrying out the instructions, you will end up with a bland event. Your ability to think out-of-the-box will add authenticity, zest and passion to an event. For instance – pick a thoughtful theme for your client’s next AGM, instead of running it like the typical board meetings. Make use of immersive technology to elevate the experience.
  • Problem-solving – As an event planner, you should be good at thinking on your feet. Even the best-laid plans can go haywire on the main day. However, you must handle each obstacle calmly. Rather than fretting about things not working out, be prepared with alternate solutions and ideas to mitigate the situation. 
  • People skills – An event manager interacts with all stakeholders – clients, vendors, and attendees, among others. To put together a successful show, the coordination with all parties involved should be impeccable. Only with strong communication, confidence, understanding and negotiation, you can manage all the people. 
  • Listening – We often indulge in conversations to talk rather than listen. To be a good event manager, you should practise active listening. It will help avoid all miscommunication and encourage a stronger bond with your clients as well as vendors. By paying attention to what your client wants, you will be in a better place to close the gap between expectations and reality. 

The event industry is mammoth and constantly changing. In the days to come, the opportunities in this sector will rapidly increase. It is the right time to start thinking about pursuing a career in this space. 

Authored Article by Amit Relan, Co-Producer, Woot Factor Brand Architects

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