Bullying affects academics and overall development of a child: Doctor


New Delhi, August 20, 2022: Bullying has become an increasingly prevalent problem in modern public schools and mental health experts across the globe have raised concern about the issue as they have been getting such cases increasingly in their OPDs. Verbal, social, and cyberbullying are the three most common types, including things like name-calling, teasing, spreading rumors, stealing belongings, sexual comments and gestures, or physical violence.

Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, Founder and Sr. Psychiatrist, Manasthali said Bullying can have a serious impact on a child’s educational experience, and his/her overall development. Children who are bullied on a regular basis in their schools may experience physical symptoms such as stomach pains, headaches, and difficulty sleeping besides low self-confidence, frequently experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, and even violent outbreaks.

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“Bullying has serious consequences for an individual’s mental and physical health. Children who are bullied at school have an impact on their academics and overall development. Childhood bullying may also have long-term consequences for mental health. I have been getting many such cases in OPDs. If a child is a victim of bullying, the initial symptoms of bullying can be seen in their academics. They tend to perform low due to low self-esteem. They might not be willing to take part in certain activities in school and some children might not be willing to school or might want to drop out of school as well. They also exhibit certain health and behavioral issues,” said Dr Jyoti Kapoor.

It’s surprising to learn that students, who bully other students also experience some negative side effects. Even research suggests that students who bully are more likely to engage in violent behavior, to steal or vandalize property, to smoke, to drink, to report poor grades, and to carry a gun.

“If not treated in time, such students are also more likely to commit serious crimes later in life. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot a bully. Bullies can be some of the students with the highest social skills or the best grades. When it is difficult to identify the bully, it is difficult for the school to take action. The school should ensure to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students by encouraging those who demonstrate the school’s policies in action,” she added.

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