CCSHAU establishes Custom Hiring Centre to help farmers and improve agricultural production


3rd April 2020, New Delhi/Hisar: Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University (CCSHAU), one of Asia’s biggest and leading agricultural research universities in India has recently announced plans to establish a Custom Hiring  Centre for farmers in the coming months. This centre is one of the components of Deendayal Upadhyay Centre of Excellence for Organic Farming” which was established by the university on 31st October 2017, considering the need and scope of organic farming in the state of Haryana.  For this the University has been awarded ‘Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Agricultural Science Award’ in 2017. This centre is aimed to broaden the experiential learning for students and will provide farm machinery to the incubate farmers on reasonable operating charges. Thriving to be an intellectual destination, this centre will enable the University to better support farming that will benefit students, farmers, and society.

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With the mechanization of farm activities being the need of the hour and to increase the production and productivity, this centre will help farmers whose earnings are based on agriculture in Haryana as well as in India. Though subsidy is being provided for farm machinery, due to the prohibitive cost of farm machinery all farmers may not come forward to own them. Hence, the establishment of Custom Hiring Centre is a boon for farmers especially the small and marginal ones and will also provide them with hiring services of various agricultural machinery/implements used for different operations.

Announcing the establishment of Custom Hiring Center, Prof. K.P. Singh, the Vice-Chancellor, CCSHAU said “The major objective of the centre is to provide easy access to high value and technical agricultural equipment to farmers and empower them, especially the small and marginal farmers. Such centre will help in popularizing organic farming, to carry out research and extension activities in organic farming. This will also allow farmers to develop a package of practices on different modes of organic farming and will incubate them as successful organic growers.”

This CHC will be helpful in:-

  1. Ensuring effective inter-cultivation and other cultural operations
  2. Offsetting the adverse economies of scale due to the high cost of individual ownership
  3. Ensuring effective harvesting with reduced harvest window leads to minimization of harvesting losses
  1. Providing hiring services for various agricultural machinery/implements applied for different Operations

CHC comprise a set of farm machinery and equipment meant for custom hiring by farmers. Certain implements and equipment like tractors, power tillers, etc. will be crop-specific and self-propelled machinery like combine harvesters, etc will be available for common use. CHC will include different types of machinery like Tractor, Laser land leveler, Cultivator, Rotavator,  Seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Multi-crop planter, Potato planter to name a few.

About Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University

CCSHAU has completed the glorious five decades. Established in 1970, CCSHAU is committed towards imparting quality education in the field of agriculture. It has successfully striven for the empowerment of youth for the last 50 years whether it is in the field of academics, Co-scholastic enrichment or sports. The University is dedicated to the farmers and  the innovative farming technologies will continue to work for the prosperity of farmers through development.

The University has been awarded the Best Institution Award by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in 1996, Sardar Patel Best Indian Agricultural Research Council Award. More recently in 2016, for specific achievements in the areas of research, education and expansion in the university; Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Agricultural Science Award in 2017 and Haryana Kisan Ratna Puraskar and Agricultural Education Award was awarded in 2018. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has also given the certificate to this University for the establishment of Institution Innovation Cell for systematically promoting the culture of innovation among the students.

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