Challenges Faced by Indian School of Hospitality amidst Covid and Adequate Student Support Measures being offered

School of Hospitality
  1. How do you define ISH, its products and services?

At Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), we are one of the finest hospitality and culinary institutes offering world class education, cutting-edge professional experience and a career path that’s set up for success. Founded in 2018, we hold partnerships with leading international hospitality and culinary institutes, Ecole hotelier de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland and At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, Singapore, to provide a world class standard of education within India. We are also a constituent college under the auspices of Gurugram University.

Online Internship with Certification

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se

How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

ISH prides itself on having an unmatched industry connect and our position as market leaders in offering leading industry experience,internships and placements for our students.

We School of Hospitality currently offer bachelor’s degree programs in Hospitality Management & in Culinary Arts as part of our certification with EHL, with the option to complete the final two years of the program in Switzerland itself. For culinary aspirants, we have diploma programs in Culinary Arts as well as Pastry & Bakery with inbuilt studies and internships in Singapore. Most recently, we launched a new 11-month employment focused Postgraduate Programme in Service Operations Management.  This course istailor-made for recent and working graduates from any discipline looking to reinvent their careers and join the services sector. This full time program starts in August 2020.

  1. What challenges and growth opportunities do you see in Hospitality industry?

School of Hospitality is a multifaceted industry which doesn’t stop evolving. Currently the country is adjusting to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic in the hospitality industry and we are witnessing changes fast. Keeping in mind the importance of social distancing and safety& hygiene, the industry is adapting to new ideas and strategies with thinking out of the box and turning challenges into opportunity. The industry is asking us to become more flexible, determined, and be ready for change. These changes are here to stay and will be considered the new normal and the key drivers for the future will be operational efficiency, hygiene, safety, and technology adoption.

Looking at the growth opportunities, there is a digital explosion which has opened up fresh opportunities amid uncertainties. It will be interesting to see how this will affect & benefit the industry as a whole. Technological advancements in hospitality will remain a big factor and young professionals will have to understand the fact that AI, machine learning & automation are not here to take their job but make them more distinctive & unique.

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se” during this lockdown.

Going forward, there will be a need for re-skilling of staff and professionals where they will be required to adopt digital and online learning which will align them with the new future that will prepare them for Covid -like environment of uncertainty.

  1. What unique ideas have you implemented as a leader at ISH that make it different from competitors?

The environment of hospitality changes at an incredible pace- with today’s technologies, the challenges and expectations of a younger demographic of travellers and consumers, the industry never ceases to change and evolve. With this kind of rapidly changing landscape, it can be a real challenge to produce quality talent if the curriculum or methods they’re learning from aren’t tailor-made to enable students to adapt, rationalise and react to the pace of change.

With Indian School of Hospitality, we want to disrupt hospitality education by redefining and reimagining the way education is delivered. By employing up to date and relevant teaching techniques, and by creating a future-conscious curriculum, we want to create an educational experience that’s not just for today but can stand up to tomorrow’s challenges as well. Our entire philosophy at ISH is to provide students with both the academic and life skills they need to help them succeed throughout their careers and lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What aspects of your job are the most challenging and how do you overcome them?

Every day is a new day for me with different challenges. Especially during the times of COVID, when the world was under lockdown, academicians and students all over the world experienced the effects of this outbreak. While different sectors were looking for solutions, e-learning came to the rescue of the education sector.

We at Indian School of Hospitality were able to transition 90% of our on-campus curriculum to online curriculum within 48 hours. We understand that this would be a challenge for other institutesbut we executed all the procedures for the transition diligently to be proud of this success.

  1. What measures are you taking to make your college safe in the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic?

Even through the pandemic, our dedication to the safety, security and well-being of our students was the top priority. We seamlessly shifted our academic schedule to online classes, and our students’ education remained uninterrupted, this was a successful achievement. In addition, our teams continued to work together remotely, within the online space, and we created a support group to address all queries regarding our college and admissions.  The admissions process has also been moved online, and we have set up access tour virtual campus tours and online interviews so our applicants can be fully equipped with information before they make their decision. Our college continues to work and carry out business as usual, just simply through a different medium.

  1. What support you are offering to students amid COVID 19?

In the times of this pandemic, we understand the hardships families across the country are going through, and we want them to know that our education remains accessible to all passionate and meritorious students who wish to study with us. This has made us launch a series of financial initiatives. Considering every applicant’s circumstances, we will offer a portfolio of scholarships, interest free loans or fee adjustments. The new Student Support Program is a duty-of-care initiative taken under our industry funded ‘Flourish Foundation’. It is a ‘Fee Deferment’ plan which is being extended to parents at zero interest cost, payable only after the student starts earning. At ISH, it’s always been about accepting the talented and driven – and we pride ourselves on empowering those who deserve globally bench marked education.

Dilip Puri

Founder & CEO, ISH

School of Hospitality1

Former Managing Director and Regional Vice President of Starwood Hotels and Resorts South Asia, Dilip has over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with brands such as Oberoi, Taj, IHG, and Starwood in India, Australia, and Africa.

A graduate of the Oberoi Centre for Learning & Development, Dilip is recognised as one of India’s foremost thought leaders in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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