Concerns Regarding the Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health of Students


Did you know that mental, physical, and emotional health among children has become a major concern in recent times? Schools are critical in keeping children safe and linking them to assistance. Maintaining young children’s mental, physical, and emotional health is a major priority, especially following the pandemic era. The COVID-19 epidemic has had a notable influence on people’s lives, and it has also had a significant impact on school-aged children. Students were unable to socialize with others, thus impacting their social abilities. Furthermore, the lack of physical activity had several negative repercussions on their physical well-being.

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According to the National College Health Assessment, about 30% of students’ academic performance has been negatively affected by anxiety. Mental and physical health are closely linked because when a child experiences physical health problems, it is easy for them to feel that they are also suffering emotionally. Similarly, when a child is experiencing mental health issues such as sadness or anxiety, their physical well-being may appear to be in poor condition.

The Growing Concern: Poor Physical and Mental Health Among Children

We have seen a rise in poor physical and mental health among children in recent years. It should be one of the top concerns for teachers and parents of young children. Children these days are more glued to their phone screens than real life, which has a significant negative effect on their mental and physical health, leading to issues such as depression, anxiety, and early age eye difficulties. At the same time, the lack of physical activity can cause diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and problems related to bone health.

Promoting Holistic Health: Strategies for Parents and Teachers

Following are essential tips parents and teachers should follow for the well-being of their children:

Physical activities: Physical activity during study hours is critical for children’s overall health. Regular physical exercise may keep children physically and intellectually fit. Physical activities can enhance blood flow in children, which is beneficial to their overall well-being. It also strengthens their immune system, protecting them from various illnesses.

Support and appreciate their efforts: A teacher must encourage a student who is trying something new. It enhances the child’s confidence and motivates them to strive more. According to a study, when students receive encouragement from their instructors, they are more influenced to finish the work with more dedication. It also raises their eagerness to understand more about the things around them, since when a youngster succeeds in their activities, they are more influenced towards that task.

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Building Strong Relationships with Children: One of the most serious concerns in today’s era is that children do not communicate well with their teachers and parents, which leads to misunderstandings in their relationships. It is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with young children by asking them about their day, interacting with them, and spending quality time with them since this allows children to express their feelings to others. It is an overall fact that children who are good at expressing themselves live healthier and happier lives than children who do not express themselves properly.

Instilling Emotional Stability in Children: A Crucial Step for Their Well-being: Children today are easily diverted by negative influences and may not comprehend the difference between good and wrong. As a result, they become more contentious and lose contact with others. It is vital to educate children about the distinctions, provide them with emotional stability, and instill in them the value of intellectuality.

At this time, when incidents of mental and physical health among children are on the rise, it is one of the most important responsibilities of teachers and parents to keep tabs on their children. Individuals may improve a child’s overall health by following these guidelines. If any child you know is experiencing any mental, emotional, or physical complications, you should talk with them and appoint a pediatrician for help as soon as possible.

Authored by Pankaj Kumar Singh, MD, Cambridge Montessori Preschool

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