‘In conversation with Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder, InterviewBit & Scaler Academy: How to scale up in your career’.


What exactly is Scaler Academy? Scaler Academy is a virtual tech-versity that offers a course on computer science which trains software developers to land jobs with top tech companies. At Scaler Academy, we largely focus our efforts towards improving and fine-tuning the coding proficiency of software developers thereby helping them bridge the gap between student abilities and industry expectations. It offers an intensive six-month computer science course through live classes delivered by tech leaders and subject matter experts. The curriculum at Scaler Academy is systematically and specifically created in order to provide students with sufficient exposure to the latest technologies InterviewBit & Scaler.

Online Internship with Certification

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se

How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Why did you start the Scaler Academy?

The Indian education system has undergone a radical change over the last decade. InterviewBit & Scaler While there have been significant efforts in making education accessible, the core aspect that is missing from even Tier 1 colleges is the necessary industry-connect. Majority of the private organisations, both large and small, claim that while graduates might possess theoretical knowledge, they usually lack skills that are required to complement entry-level jobs. We experienced this first hand when we started working in the tech recruitment space with InterviewBit in 2015. We realised that most people we engage with are capable of achieving even greater things given the right guidance. The only thing missing in the picture was access to instructors and mentors, who would not only teach them new skills but also guide them in their careers – which led to the launch of Scaler Academy back in April 2019.

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se” during this lockdown.

How is the program performing? Could you cite a few examples of students that have been successfully placed through this course?

Within the first year of operations since April 2019, we have successfully placed over 97% of the first batch comprising 189 students with an average salary of INR 15.67 lakh. The outcome of the course has been phenomenal and we are expecting more students to receive referrals with top tech companies in the coming months when their respective batches graduate. We have had students like Swapnil Mahajan, who joined our first batch and have bagged an offer from Google where he will begin his career as a software engineer. Aside from helping place engineers from tier 1 colleges, we have also witnessed an increasing interest in students from tier 2 and tier 3 colleges as companies are now looking at talent over pedigree. Over 72% of our students come from non-pedigree institutions and have successfully been placed with top tech companies such as Amazon India, Samsung R&D Institute, India, Lido Learning, and Oyo, to name a few. InterviewBit & Scaler For example, we have a student from a small town called Burdwan in West Bengal who is now working with a leading Mumbai based tech start-up called Lido Learning. And there are so many such examples among our alumni network. There is massive scope in Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets. We aim to ideally help every engineering student in the country and are in the process of launching basic and intermediate level courses that could help reach people in rural areas.

Can you share more details about the fee structure for students?

We offer students three basic payment plans that offer them flexibility based on their economic InterviewBit & Scaler disposition. They are:

  • Prepaid without guarantee: Students are asked to pay INR 1,50,000 one week after joining Scaler. This is the classic tuition fee model
  • Prepaid with a guarantee: Students are expected to pay INR 3,00,000 at the start of the program. Post which, if they do not land a job paying more than their Minimum Guaranteed CTC within a year, Scaler Academy will refund their money
  • Postpaid: Students can pay 15% of their base salary for 2 years if they get a job paying more than the Minimum Guaranteed CTC

We believe that this model of tuition provides learners with the confidence of investing in education with a promise of returns on their investment and this allows them sufficient peace of mind to focus on learning new skills and advancing in their careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure learners are motivated and engaged on the platform?

Continuous learning is the key to success. We employ gamification methods and techniques to keep our students engaged. We have something called ’Streak’ which is a score that you build if you solve problems and assignments on the platform. It is shareable and encourages people to practice daily. We also have leaderboards that showcase how peers in a course are performing, in a bid to promote healthy competition. We also regularly organise hackathons and coding contests where winners get goodies like t-shirts. These have worked well for us so far. We will be building on more such experiences in the coming months.

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