COVID-19 Outbreak: Opportunity for Indian Institutes to Continue via online learning

online learning

Where Globalization diminished the boundaries and brought the world closer, the news of COVID-19 breaking out, made nations close their boundaries to the world. Ever since the pandemic made the headlines, spaces of public interaction like offices, schools, colleges were closed down and everyone became bound to their homes. Global economy took a hit and many industries were impacted and were trying to manage this crisis. While all industries tried to encounter the situation, education sector paced ahead with its organized plan of action in the way of online learning.

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Since the situation was intensifying and nations were on a lockdown, educational institutes shifted their studies to online class rooms. Several institutes became involved in providing students with either their own independent platforms or entered into collaborations with Education Technology (Ed Tech) to deliver to students new academic opportunities and various new courses to pursue. Indian School of Hospitality in Gurugram, since its commencement in 2018, had invested very thoughtfully in online-learning technology. It has spent nearly 20 percent of its capital cost on technology investing in Zoom, Samsung flipboards, projectors, 4000 Lumen Cameras, mikes on every desk in all classrooms including a virtual classroom. They have been recording their lectures and classes from the beginning of their academic journey and the data was uploaded on a learning management system (LMS). This system facilitated the institute to shift their curriculum online seamlessly without incurring any academic losses to the students. The students were provided with an online link shared by their teachers to access the online classroom.

This whole scenario has provided Indian Institutes with an opportunity to shift to online learning or e-learning and has also put to test their existing online learning systems. With advent of new and innovative methods of learning, institutions are able to create more opportunities for students. This encourages the institutes to be more creative in their academic approach. Apart from this, this situation is also an opportunity for students to adapt themselves to these new methods. The institutions can assist the students through this by putting their emphasis on imbibing lifelong skills in students to adapt to new and changing methods of learning.

In the times of rapid technological advancement, institutes are keen on opting for online learning to provide students with more knowledge enhancement and skill development opportunities. It is an effective method to make available education even in the absence of proper infrastructure. Institutions now a days, are introducing their own individual platforms and partnering with edtech industry creating useful portals for students. It has become crucial to instill students with new and upcoming skills to make them flexible to future changes. This time requires putting focus on generating curiosity and willingness to learn among the students and constantly encouraging them towards learning and achieving excellence even when the situation might not be in their favour.

Dilip Puri | Founder & CEO, ISH

online learning


Former Managing Director and Regional Vice President of Starwood Hotels and Resorts South Asia, Dilip has over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with brands such as Oberoi, Taj, IHG, and Starwood in India, Australia, and Africa.

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A graduate of the Oberoi Centre for Learning & Development, Dilip is recognised as one of India’s foremost thought leaders in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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