CREST in Nutshell’ Exhibition Captivates Audiences on the Inaugural Day!

CREST in Nutshell’ Exhibition Captivates Audiences

February 23rd, 2017: Manav Rachna International Schools (MRIS) earned accolades galore for their one-of-a-kind ‘CREST in Nutshell’ exhibition, a vibrant and colourful exposition of their learning and experience of world cultures and civilizations across various ages. The inauguration of the Exhibition which was held at the Manav Rahna campus here today was graced by several Senior dignitaries, most notably Mrs Novel Lavasa, an eminent Environmentalist and former Banker who was the Chief guest on the special occasion.

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Ms Goldy Malhotra, Director – Academic Staff College and Administration, MRIS, explained that the unique curriculum of CREST is meant to hone students’ skills and is tailormade in the light of the world becoming a global village.

Congratulating the amazing efforts of MRIS School children and teachers in putting together this Exhibition, Mrs Novel Lavasa said, “The Exhibition is a brilliant exposition of students’ hard work and a beautiful amalgam of life, as it encapsulates history, geography, culture, technology and science. It is heartening to note that MRIS students through CREST are being given an opportunity to become well integrated human beings and through the varied choice of subjects are helping to enrich world cultures.” She also suggested the need to integrate waste management as part of CREST to create a more sustainable world.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President, MREI, said, “Our Schools have given us an opportunity to explore the different dimensions of education. CREST is an offshoot of the long journey and learning experience undertaken by us across the years. The magical efforts of our teachers are there for all to see at the Exhibition as they have inspired students to give off their best and create mesmerizing projects, meticulous in detail.”

Through CREST (Culture in Retrospect for Evolution of Society with Technology), specially created by the Academic Excellence Team for Manav Rachna International Schools, a defined timeline was followed at the Exhibition giving glimpses of various ages, cultures and civilizations. Right from pre-historic times to the 21st century, the Exhibition depicted not just the Indian perspective, but also Indus Valley and Egyptian civilizations, Silk Road and Silk Route, Afro -American culture during the slavery period, Walt Disney, Industrial Revolution, Green Revolution, Egyptian Civilization, French Revolution, European Renaissance, The Arctic regions, and so much more. The two-day event (from 22-23rd February, 2017) witnessed six MRIS Schools participating with great zest as students presented their learning and creative expressions from Grade I-V. The Schools will be awarded at the Exhibition on the basis of their attainment of all the STAR qualities involving Sharing (S), Teamwork (T), Activity (A), Result (R) and Spoken Skills (S).

The inaugural day also gave audiences a chance to witness spectacular dance performances by various MRIS Schools, be it the African Folk dance, European Renaissance, Dragon dance of China, Spanish Flamenco, Indian classical dance, to mention a few.

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Also present on the occasion were Dr Prashant Bhalla, President, MREI; Dr M.M Kathuria, Trustee, MREI; Ms Deepika Bhalla, Executive Director, MRIS-14; Dr Sanjay Srivastava, MD, MREI; Dr N.C. Wadhwa, VC, MRIU; Principals of MRIS, students, parents and Faculty members of Manav Rachna group.

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