Digital Marketing Expert Sumeet Jindal uncovers Secrets to Use Social Media Marketing for Brand Recognition

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Sumeet Jindal Social media marketing, as all know has become most efficient marketing tools. While developing marketing strategy, incorporating social media in order to boost brand awareness of company is everything. However, before begin with creating your company profiles, its vital to decide which platform is ideal for promoting the brand.

While choosing social media channels, it’s vital to consider your target audience and the platforms they utilize. You can, no doubt, have the perfect strategy of social media marketing. However, if you choose the one that your target audiences are not utilizing then it’s a waste of time as well as efforts.

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Below-given are some secrets shared by Sumeet Jindal who has been speaker in many start up summits all over India on startups and use of social media.

Let’s have a look at these!

Choose Correct Platform for your Audience

Keeping up with generally all social media sites is not possible for majority of brands. Social media marketing objective is to discover your users as well as your potential audience. So, ensure to put emphasis on places where your audiences spend most of their time.

Deliver Content and Engage with Audiences

Don’t share similar content between different platforms. It’s important that you should create content precise to the kind of social media you are utilizing. Let’s understand this with the help of a simple example; Twitter is something where one can include short posts restricted to 140 characters.

Now, when it’s about Facebook then you will observe better engagement with lengthier posts along with images and videos. Instagram is about quality visuals as well as quick funny captions. No doubt, visuals will have positive impact doesn’t matter which type of platform you pick. Facebook posts along with images generally have higher engagement as compared to those that won’t have images in it.

Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Content

Social sharing, no doubt, is the biggest power to get more customers. Not only it will help you in reaching your audience, however it’s possible to reach their networks too. Users who enjoy reposting look for funniness, value-driven content, as well asposts having emotional attachment in it.

Ensure to add the option of social sharing to blogs, email content, e-commerce store. This way your audiences can directly and easily share from these sources.

Maintain Relationships with Customers

According to Sumeet, “A healthy relationship with customer is quite imperative for improving brand awareness as well as for boosting sales. Engaging with clients on social media can help you to learn more about their brand.”

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Many other visitors and followers may also come to learn more about your brand as well as your professionalism simply by reading responses to your questions. If such responses indicate all well about your company then you can easily build trust among your potential and future customers.

Sumeet Jindal a self-made Digital Marketeer, is an inspiration around. He has been a part of many start-up summits, conducted all over India, as a speaker. Sumeet has been a part of Social media, and being the founder of Postman News evolved his learning with time by providing opportunities to many rising talents.

Always Measure Your Progress

Make sure to track each and everything on a regular basis. Give much consideration to engagement statistics. This will let you know about the interaction as well as reach of your advertisements, posts and so on.

Check whether your posts visibility is rising or not. Tracking posts link will also help you in gathering and analyzing this information. In addition to this, refer to the analytics of your website so as to determine where referral traffic is actually originating.

Sumeet added, “In order to make the process simple for you, start using software tools that will help you in analyzing as well as optimizing social media activities. Platform such as ‘Ahrefs’ can help you in observing more about your competitors and also how you can simply improve.”

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and the tips shared by Sumeet Jindal, who is also founder of  Postman News , has helped you a lot in knowing more about the secrets of social media marketing for brand recognition. Anyways, the reality is that social networks can help you in promoting your brand, delivering a better user experience, offering excellent customer services as well as collecting immediate feedback.

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At times, social media platform instantly changes its algorithm. In such a case, the approach we are utilizing so as to promote the brand becomes completely useless. However, if you are obsessive much about your brand, then these are just minor hurdles. By following the above-given secrets you can easily increase the awareness of your brand and start making hefty profits.

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