District Magistrate of Noida inaugurates DLF Foundation’s Mobile Medicare Unit (MMU)

Thousands of people to benefit from the doorstep medical services

The MMU is set to benefit more than 10,000 people; it will provide its services to JJ Cluster Sector 16, JJ Cluster Sector 17, JJ Cluster Sector 18, Village Harola, Village Chalera and Village Bhangel. DLF Foundation’s MMU aims to improve health condition of community members through providing them preventive, primitive and basic curative healthcare services. Apart from that it will also help to raise awareness on basic healthcare and hygiene and develop positive health seeking behavior.

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The MMU will be manned by professional staff, a doctor, a nurse and a lab technician along with outreach workers.

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Dr Dwarka Das Arora,MBBS will be the doctor in charge of the MMU. He is currently working with Guru Harikrishan Hospital,Sarai Kale Kha Road.

Inaugurating the unit Shri Nagendra Pratap Singh, District Magistrate Noida said “I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to DLF Foundations for starting this MMU.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Organizations have to work in the field of health, education and such other areas as a part of their CSR program. I am happy that DLF has chosen to help the underprivileged of NOIDA in their quest of a healthy life. I look forward to their assistance in the Education sector, wherein we require infrastructure upgradation for some schools.”

The MMU will have the following services:

  1. Curative Services: Treatment for minor ailments including fever, diarrhoea, ARI, worm infestation, detection of TB, Malaria, leprosy, other locally endemic communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. Provision of first aid, minor surgical procedures and suturing
  2. Maternal & Child Health Services: Promotion of Registration of pregnancies with emphasis on early registration of all pregnancies, Antenatal check-ups for pregnancies
    • General: examination such as height, weight, blood pressure, urine (albumin and sugar), abdominal examination, breast examination. Iron & Folic Acid Supplementation. Identification of high-risk pregnancies and appropriate referral. Promotion of institutional deliveries.
    • Counselling for early breast-feeding, diet & rest, hygiene, contraception, essential new born care, infant and young child feeding; birth registration.Counselling of family on girl child birth.
    • Child Health: Essential newborn care,Promotion of exclusive breast-feeding for 6 months.Promotion of Full immunization of all infants and children against vaccine preventable diseases,Vitamin A prophylaxis to the children as per guidelines.Prevention and control of childhood diseases like malnutrition, Acute Respiratory Infection, Diarrhoea, etc.Treatment of common childhood illness.
  3. Family Planning Services: Counselling for spacing and permanent contraception. Distribution of oral contraceptives and condom. Adolescents care & counselling, treatment of minor ailments. Treatment of RTI/STI
  4. Diagnostic services:
    • HB%, Blood Grouping;
    • Rapid tests to screen – Vector Born diseases (Dengue, Malaria),
    • STI (HIV, HBV, HBcS),
    • Life style Diseases – (Diabetes) etc;
    • Pregnancy test;
    • Nutritional Status Assessment;
    • Screening of Chest Symptomatic for TB;
    • Screening of breast and cervical cancer.
    • Government/ Private Hospital diagnostic facilities are leveraged for tests which cannot be administered using equipment available on the MMU. 
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Apart from that referral of complicated cases will be done after primary management. Provision of referral slips to patients who should be attended to on a priority basis at the referral hospitals.

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Follow up on status for referred patients will also be done.

“DLF Foundation is continuously striving to build lives and health of the under privileged. Healthcare is one of our key intervention area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through this initiative DLF Foundation is aiming to reach out to the underprivileged where quality healthcare is not easily accessible. ”said Mr. Ritesh Sinha, Director Pragrams, DLF Foundation.

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