Diya Jain, a Grade 2 student of a Mumbai School donates 12″ of her hair to the Cope with Cancer Institute


Diya’s grandmother was a cancer patient and died when Diya was little. Like any other kid she shared a strong bond with her grandma which made it difficult for her to see her grandmother’s suffering. Looking at her losing hair during the treatment was a very saddening experience for Diya. After her grandmother’s passing and listening to motivational stories from her mother, Diya learned that cancer patients can use wigs made of real hair that look natural and improve the person’s appearance considerably, ultimately boosting their confidence and willpower.

The young girl realised that empathy has nothing to do with your wealth or age. Diya Jain, a Grade 2 student from Orchids – The International School (OIS)Borivali, has donated 12″ of her hair to the Cope with Cancer Institute for cancer patients recently.

After watching videos related to hair donation on the internet, she decided to grow her hair to a considerable length and donate it to an NGO that works for this cause. She has inspired everyone in school as well as in the vicinity to do a lot more for society.

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Speaking about her kind gesture, Diya Jain said, “Hair is an important part of our looks and the way we project ourselves to the world. Donating hair to cancer patients is both easy and rewarding and anyone can do so. While my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer she started losing hair and it was a very burdensome experience for her as well as for us. I would like to create awareness to inspire people to donate their healthy hair for a noble cause. This way we can give something back to society to show that we care and see more confident faces”.

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