DPS RNE puts up an insightful Counselling Session on Stream Selection for XI students


DPS RNE organised an interactive counselling session for the upcoming Class XI (2022-23) to guide students on ‘Stream Selection’ according to their interests and proficiencies on 28th May 2022, Saturday.

The session began with a briefing address by Ms Vidhi Arora, Director, Exam Department highlighting the nitty-gritty of the stream selection process.

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Mrs Pallavi Upadhyay, Principal, DPS RNE, spelt out an awe-inspiring address, motivating students to become clear about their life goals and choose their streams accordingly.

Mr Abhishek and Ms Vidhi Arora, afterwards, gave a proper brief to the students about the curriculum structure and choices of stream combinations available to the students to help them decide which choice they would like to go with, in the coming times.

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Further, respective subject teachers did a subject-wise briefing where they extensively spoke about the current curriculum, mark distributions, prescribed books and various career options associated with the subjects. It was to enlighten the students and prepare them to weigh in all the parameters before they make the final call.

The session ended with the detailed information on the Examination Policy by the Examination Head, Mr Abhishek. The students and parents also dabbled in FAQs to the teachers to clear their doubts and gain clarity.

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Mrs Pallavi Upadhyay, Principal, DPS RNE, “Wrong choices, when it comes to career-building decisions, can lead to remorse and compunctions of a lifetime. DPS RNE is completely dedicated to shaping the best future of our children and that is why we organised a counselling session on Stream Selection to provide a valuable gamut of information to students. In the light of full cognizance, students will be better able to make decisions and exhort their abilities to the best of their potential. These decisions have a great bearing on their careers and they should be at the receiving end of all the aid required. The audience appreciated the efforts of the school wholeheartedly and we are glad about the response.”