Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun


Overview and Introduction Ecole Globale International Girls School is a Dehradun based English medium school for girls and is fully residential with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliation. The school has classes from primary to senior school in the CBSE curriculum board and for senior secondary curriculum, an affiliation of UK based University of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE). ‘Ecole Globale’ is a French word that means global, and thus what it follows is in harmony. The school aims to have holistic growth for all its students and also builds the ability to survive in this new age with modern and complex facilities.

With a global curriculum and world-class knowledge and extracurricular facilities, the school is one of the top Indian schools and thus is included in this edition. The campus is spread over 40 acres of land, all of which is in the beautiful and sunkissed arena of the land of Gods. The natural wonders give extra benefits to the students by keeping the temperature controlled enough to suit the psyche, mental and environmental factors directly impacting their intellectual space.

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For admission purposes, the window opens around November till mid-February. Everyone in the school is hard working as per the staff is concerned and everyone knows their duties perfectly well. There are world-class faculties, with not much crowd-based education. Every student is important to the schools and developing each mind is a unique journey in itself. The teacher-student ratio is approximately 1:10, and every knowledge is conceptualized so vibrantly that it is carried everywhere in the heart of the student. 

The features and facilities of the school in terms of infrastructure include spacious computer labs with the latest and best types of equipment for everyone, like Apple computers, a library worth immense knowledge with 2550 featured books and 450 specimen copies. There are two auditoriums, with a capacity of 500 people each, a single time. Every classroom is equipped and facilitated with an ICT learning facility too.

The programmes and extracurricular affairs especially sports and cultural are just amazing and the best because Ecole Globale International Girls School has a cricket pitch, basketball court, football court, billiards table, swimming pool, lawn tennis court, badminton court, squash facilities, gymnasium, golf training, riding arena, rock climbing and table tennis, dance and activities rooms, with regular extravaganza’s to allow the students to participate and learn regularly. Some other co-curricular activities include needlecraft, music festivals and activities for Classical Indian vocal, tabla, guitar, drums; some intellectual and orating activities like debating, elocution, literary club, dramatics etc. The other important skills taught and promoted are cookery, life skills needed in the real world, first aid and lifesaving skills, fitness, public speaking, culinary, home management skills, basic grooming and etiquettes and all. 

As far as the Academics for Ecole Globale International Girls is concerned, its affiliation is big and happy news for Indian parents in particular. Currently, the head of the Institute is Amarjeet Juneja (president). 

Recently EGIGS was recognised and awarded the fifth-best girls school of India by the Education World Magazine. The girls of the school are made responsible enough to make them have a wide range of choices as per the academic subjects are concerned. The school offers every type of stream, with the best faculties in each subject too, like Science, Humanities and social sciences with commerce. 

EGIGS is detrimentally responsible for honing the inherent talents and soft skills as a career-building exercise for girls all over like leadership qualities, communication skills and personality making and maintaining etc.  

The school has students from all across the world. Thus making the population of the school highly global and competitive. Girls from Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Dubai, West Indies, Africa, USA and of course our land India, are currently studying in the schools. The school has the most elaborate and cultural mix of dining services, because of the international student body and as an active member of international organizations too. 

The school provides accommodation facilities too as in hostels which are safe and sound and also provides good infrastructure, like well-furnished and great and open spaces with all latest and modern amenities. They are designed to help students feel home-like comfort. 


Some of the affiliations of international units are with

  • International Award for Young People (IAYP)
  • The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF)

The goal behind these associations is to encourage valuable interactions and help in cultural and educational exchanges. Because of so much international association, one may get confused with the perspective of the school’s education is global, but the roots are more than Indian which the school is proud of too.

For admissions first, the candidate needs to register. For the same, the girls will be evaluated based on their academic capabilities and scope of understanding especially in subjects like English, Math, and General Knowledge. After the registration, an assessment is taken with a formal interview, which will be evaluated based on the scores and entries filled in forms under their parent’s supervision. And finally, the meritorious students will get their admissions.

The annual fee is approximately Rs. 3,18,000, which includes majorly the tuition and boarding charges.

Some of the achievements and recognitions are 

  • Bronze Medal for participation in Open State Judo Championship and winning it(Class 7) and Youth and Junior State Judo Championship.
  • The school is ranked at 3rd position in the category of top girls boarding schools of India as per the EW India School Rankings 2020-21.


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