Edu-tech Platform Bada Business Gains Massive Popularity as Entrepreneurs Seek Professional Help In Sailing through the COVID 19 Crisis

Bada Business
  • Led by Ace business coach Dr Vivek Bindra, Bada Business has turned focus on helping businesses stay afloat and prepare for a post-corona world
  • Bada Business wants to create an environment of positivity & hope at a time when businesses are experiencing a slump
  • Dr Viven Bindra added a whopping 5 lakh followers on social media in less than a month’s time as he offers valuable business lessons in critical time

New Delhi, April 27, 2020: Leading edu tech platform Bada Business which offers valuable skills to help entrepreneurs scale up their enterprises is witnessing a surge in popularity as entrepreneurs seek professional help in reinventing their businesses and keeping them profitable during the COVID 19 crisis.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Led by Asia’s top business coach and ace motivational speaker Dr Vivek Bindra, Bada Business has used the lockdown period to turn its focus on educating businesses about strategic approaches that can help them stay afloat and emerge stronger from the crisis. The platform is working to create an environment of positivity, hope, and confidence and help entrepreneurs optimize their resources and skills during this period. Demand for it online lessons has skyrocketed over the past month.

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se” during this lockdown.

Dr Bindra, who already has a huge fan base, has added over 5 lakh followers on his social media during the lockdown period, taking his total Facebook following to a whopping 31 lakh. Under a #learnathome programme, Dr Bindra is sharing valuable lessons on how entrepreneurs can polish their business skills and transform their enterprises to bounce back from this economic slump. A series of engaging audio-video presentations allow entrepreneurs to take stock of their businesses and choose viable transformational strategies – from technological automation to changes in business models – to be ready for a post COVID revival. In order to help accelerate the response to Coronavirus-driven changes, Dr Bindra’s team has been posting a series of posts on his social media platforms every day.

Over 3 lakh entrepreneurs, students and wantrepreneurs recently attended India’s largest online business lesson organized by Bada Business. Besides Dr Bindra, it was addressed by Dr Bindra, Founder and CEO of Bada Business; Mr Paritosh Sharma, Vice President, Bada Business and Mr Sanjay Kathuria, Director, Bada Business.

“With the global COVID-19 pandemic changing our world for good, businesses need to adapt themselves fast to be able to sail through this change and restart sales quickly post the lockdown. We understand that entrepreneurs are worried about the economic losses. However, instead of fretting over it we advise them to utilize this time to bring about futuristic transitions in business strategies. Businesses must conduct extensive research to improve their product offerings while adopting greater automation to optimize their resources. We are sure Indian businesses have the resilience and capability to bounce back post this crisis and craft a renewed path of growth for the Indian economy. We are happy that more and more entrepreneurs are joining us and seeking our lessons during this time,” said Dr Bindra.

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Bada business’ primary focus is on helping small and medium enterprises scale us their businesses and achieve bigger outcomes.

“Positive thinking and staying motivated is the need of the hour. One should not lose hope and be adaptable to the current situation,” Dr Bindra added.

The revolutionary entrepreneur has many laurels behind him on digital platform. He is the owner of World’s Most Subscribed Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel. With 10.1 million active subscribers on youtube, he is one of the World’s Greatest Influencers. He is also known for creating a Free Learning University on YouTube. He has an influential team of trusted advisors for over 500 corporate houses.

About Bada Business

Bada Business is an ed-tech platform, which has been founded by Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is an ace motivational speaker and a renowned Business Coach. Bada Business mission is to provide extensive knowledge of the practical Business Strategies and Frameworks, which helps Indian SME’s to grow and strengthen their business and eventually make them Big to contribute to the National GDP. The organization was founded with a vision to empower Indian Entrepreneurs & SME Businessmen to convert their start-up into a huge business while bridging the education infrastructure gap and making business & management education affordable, accessible, and available. It allows the user to learn ‘Everything About Entrepreneurship’, which is the World’s Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Program. Bada Business also provides a lifetime opportunity to learn from billionaire trainers like Mr. Mohandas Pai, Mr. Manu Jain, Mr. R.C. Bhargava, and many more like them.

About Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr Vivek Bindra is the Founder & CEO of Bada Business, a renowned Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, and Leadership Consultant. Dr. Vivek Bindra also runs World’s No 1 Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel with above of 12 Million Subscribers and 700 Million of Viewership that has inspired and helped thousands of SMEs in bringing exponential growth to their businesses.

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