Educomp School Conclave in New Delhi to discuss new innovation that fosters lifelong interest in the sciences and mathematics

J Vijayavalli, Head Training, Educomp Solutions speaking at...

• Educomp introduces educationists to SmartSTEM: a new interdiciplinary approach in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
• Over 50 prominent Principals and teachers attend seminar

New Delhi, 24th August, 2016: Educomp Solutions Ltd., India’s largest education company and the pioneers of Smartclass education in India, held its education development School Conclave at Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi.

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The Educomp School Conclave is an annual initiative by Educomp to discuss the key challenges faced by today’s education system. The Conclave seeks to help schools identify, discuss and solve key issues facing them in imparting high quality education. The School Conclave involves educationists, principals and school management from various city schools to discuss and find solutions to key challenges for schools of the 21st century.

Over 50 principals of leading schools in New Delhi attended the School Conclave to jointly discuss the problems and possible solutions. This year the theme was Science and Mathematics. Based on earlier held interactive discussions with principals and administrators on filling some of the critical gaps in education delivery that schools today face, participants were exposed to new technology platform that can create an eco-system that schools can use to deliver, monitor and meet outcome targets in Science and Mathematics.

On the occasion, the school community of New Delhi got a chance to witness Educomp’s latest offering in innovative learning called SmartSTEM.

Educomp SmartSTEM brings a whole new perspective to Science and Mathematics by evolving and embracing a learning mechanism that is globally recognized and followed – STEM education. This works towards building a sound knowledge base in areas of science & mathematics by integrating them into the curriculum through a cohesive learning approach. SmartSTEM is a unique teaching tool that focuses on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is a unique blend of technology with traditional teaching methods, in which the teacher lead tools enables in-depth learning for students via 3D animations, 3D interactivities and simulations. The students grasp the content by watching realistic 3D animations, simulation and engage in quizzes and 2D/3D interactivities to apply that learning.

Speaking on the sidelines of the School Conclave held in the city, Ruchika Kapoor, State Business Head, at Educomp Solutions Ltd. said, “The aim of the Educomp School Conclave is to update schools with the latest teaching modules and technologies. The Conclave looks to enable the educators to be future-ready with state of the art technology integration, which will revolutionize the way education is imparted. STEM education is a concept-driven approach that strengthens a student’s analytical skills, problem-solving abilities and enables creative thinking that helps them pursue excellence in different fields in these subjects. We are happy to introduce schools in New Delhi to Educomp SmartSTEM which aims to make experiential learning of Science and Mathematics both fun and insightful.”

Over 4000 schools across India are expected to participate in this year’s Educomp School Conclaves. To be held across 85 Indian cities/towns the conclaves will cover all four regions of the country as well as the North East. Representatives from schools will be taken through extensive models and presentations to inform, educate and update the education fraternity on the benefits of SmartSTEM and how this teacher-led program enables in-depth learning for students via 3D animations and interactive modules.

J Vijayavalli, Head Training, The Educomp Solutions speaking at...

About Educomp Solutions Limited

Educomp Solutions Limited is the largest education company in India and the only company spread across the entire education ecosystem. From schools to skills; over last two decades Educomp group has empowered over 30 million learners and educators across over 65,000 schools to imagine, think and create a better future.

Educomp’s presence in each of the education verticals is marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value.

From pre-school toddlers to competitive high school exams, from core curriculum subjects at the school level to vocational & employability skills for young adults, Educomp reaches out to the entire education life cycle. Founded in 1994 by first generation entrepreneur Shantanu Prakash, the company today has 23 offices across major states of India, one in Singapore and two in the United States.

Educomp works with India’s largest K12 content library with over 20,000 modules of rich 3D multimedia educational content and has reached out to over six million students across 12000 private schools and 17.5 million students across 35000 government schools. Educomp also runs over 350 Little Millennium pre-schools, 45 brick and mortar K12 schools, and 63 Test Prep centers.

Educomp is a publicly traded company on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, India.

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