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Did you know that currently, the Female Labor Force Participation is only 26.97%! As per the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India’s GDP is likely to intensify to as much as 27%, if women participation in India becomes equal to that of men. Is it too much to ask? Researchers believe that women in business are the key to increased business, the Financial Future is Female!

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

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Breaking News – Women are an ever-increasing market force as investors, and are impacting the future. It is notable how women around the world are getting involved in the market.

Insurance is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India with visibility of double-digit growth for the next 20 years (as the penetration is below 4%)Now, make way for DIDI – a multilingual APP as well as a Portal for women POS (Point of Sale) to be launched in all 732 districts of India.

Covering Bharat

It will be a Geo Tagged Tech and shall be launched in the local language in each of these states. It plans to recruit 10 Women POS in each of the locations in Phase 1, generating employment for over 2.6+ lakh women in the country.

The intention is to provide online and offline training to the women POS and certify them to solicit Insurance Business as per the norms of IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). Additionally, the aim is to augment centralized marketing support to our POS that in turn benefit them to expand their business.

The makers stand for the creation of a scalable, profitable and Impactful business that proposes to offer insurance and linked financial services pan India with the sole purpose of focusing on employment for women.

The FEATURES of the online platform include:

  • Easy comparison of quotes from leading Insurance Companies
  • Lowest premiums for Motor, Health and Life Insurance
  • Renewal of insurance policy made simpler and easier
  • Customization of insurance plans available with add-ons
  • A comprehensive location of all government schemes for women under one tab
  • Access all your policy details and copies in a single app

To satisfactorily improve the health of women and children in India, numerous extents of wellbeing must be analyzed in relation to global health averages and in assessment to men in India. Health is an imperative element that contributes to wellbeing and economic growth.

Presently, womenfolk in India face a multitude of health complications, which in due course affects the collective economy’s productivity. Addressing the gender, class or ethnic inconsistencies that exist in healthcare and improving the health outcomes can contribute to economic gain through the creation of quality human capital and increased levels of savings and investment, and that’s exactly the role DIDI focuses on.

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