Found My Teacher Announces Live Group Sessions for Grades 9-12


Mumbai, November 2022: Found My Teacher (FMT), founded by Raunaq Kakkar, is a unique platform that bridges the gap between educators and learners. It strives to provide quality and affordable education to learners worldwide. After a successful run of 1:1 class, FMT has announced the launch of group classes. These group classes will comprise 15 students per batch in a bid to deliver individual attention to each student. 

The curriculum will be covered over a month in group sessions focused on delivering quality knowledge and learning. For now, group sessions are available for grade 9-12 students for the following subjects: Science, Math, and Accounts. The daily live classes will be recorded and available to students for lifetime access.

Online Internship with Certification

Found My Teacher has received massive interest from educators and learners since its debut. Within a few months of launch, FMT enrolled over 500 educators who could connect with students across the country. 

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Speaking of the enormous success of the platform and throwing light on the company’s plans to make learning more fun and accessible, Raunaq Kakkar shared “With the kind of response we’ve received in less than a year, we truly feel humbled and would like to credit our tutors and learners for trusting us which has today led to the start of a new service!”.

Since its inception, FMT has been helping students across the country by connecting them with excellent teachers. With the introduction of group classes, FMT is endeavoring to make learning more engaging and interactive for students.

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