From Shubahngi Atre’s pregnancy to Yogesh Tripathi’s wardrobe malfunction, &TV actors recall funny memories this World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day

Laughter is the best medicine and is also a good way of keeping stress and tensions at bay. &TV boasts of should that tickle your funny bone and is sure to turn your smile into laughter and take all your worries away. To make you laugh & giggle this World Laughter Day, your favourite &TV artists share some funny moments and experiences occurred during their shooting days.

Daroga Happu Singh played by Yogesh Tripathi narrates a funny lungi incident, “While shooting for my first scene in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan I had to wear a lungi, and this was the first time I was wearing it. When we started with our first take my lungi fell loose and I didn’t realise it till the mic attached to it fell on my feet. I immediately wrapped a blanket that was lying next to me on the bed to avoid any embarrassment. After looking at me wrapped in a blanket, the entire cast had good laugh and it made for a good joke for everyone on the set.”

World Laughter Day

Bringing another incident from the set of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’s Manmohan Tiwari urf Rohitashv Gour, shares, “Saumya had just come back from her maternity leave and everyone was happy to have her back on the set. After a couple of days passed by, Aasif ji and Shubhangi ji decided to prank me and the entire crew. In the middle of our rehearsal Shubhangi ji ran to the washroom as she was feeling uneasy. World Laughter Day Everyone started panicking on what was wrong with Shubhangi ji’s health, this continued for a couple of days. Looking at everyone getting panicked I asked Aasif ji on what was wrong with Shubhangi ji’s health and he said that she is pregnant. I was happy as well tensed as Saumya had just come back from her maternity break and now Shubhangi ji would have to go on a break. Watching everyone upset Shubhangi ji burst out laughing that this was a prank and she isn’t pregnant. This particular incident remains fresh forever.”

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Dabbang Rajesh played by Kamna Pathak shares a humorous incident from the sets of &TV’sHappu Ki Ultan Paltan. She shares, “While shooting for the initial episodes of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan there was a scene where I had to deliver a particular phrase and I happened to say the same in Urdu. World Laughter Day This was because I was practising for a play in which I had to speak a in Urdu, and I ended up muttering the same on the show as Rajesh. It happened by-mistake and by the time the director corrected me, everyone on the set started laughing which went on for a while. That was the most hilarious shoot we ever had as the entire crew started teasing me by saying Hayye Allah!”

World Laughter Day1

Every set of the show is like a close-knit family and Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari is the perfect example of this phrase.Pappu played by Manmohan Tiwari shares a funny prank that the entire cast pulled on SarikaBahroliyawho plays Gudiya in Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari“The entire cast loves homecooked Baigan ka Bharta that Ravi ji gets for lunch on some days. One day Ravi ji’s tiffin reached late and by that time Sarika had her lunch. I, Ravi ji and Samta jistarted eating and while we were just about to finish, we though let’s pull a prank on Sarika. We left little food for her in the tiffin and hid it. Gudiya came in and asked for the bharta and everyone said that we finished it, she got extremely upset. Looking at her we felt bad and told her that it was a prank and we had kept some aside for her. The entire cast had a good laugh on this.”

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Sarika Bahroliya, the Gudiya of Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari recalls a funny moment she had on the set of the show. The actress shares, “It was just few days ago when our show completed 100 episodes and there was a party. I finished my scenes and was heading towards the make-up room but a red blazer in the dressing room caught my attention. I thought that there might be an entry of a magician or a joker in the coming episodes, hence the costume, and even showed it to Pappu bhaiya and Sweety Bhabhi. Everyone started staring at me for a moment and then Manmohanji (pappu bhaiya) told me that this red blazer is mine and I am supposed to wear to the evening party. Everyone broke into laughter, and even today it is a popular joke on the set.”

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