Get Allopathic, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathy treatments from one mobile App- ‘Desh Ka Doctor’

  • First time in India, Health-Tech ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ brings in Integrated Care Management; Partners with doctors of three schools of medicine’ to deliver healthcare 

New Delhi, July 26, 2022

The technological revolution has been transforming the way people get healthcare services in the country. First time in India a health-tech service provider has brought in integrated care management for the masses. Now people can get Allopathic, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathy treatments on one tech platform by downloading the App-‘Desh Ka Doctor.’

It aims to address the challenges of accessibility and affordability with a tech-enabled human-driven inclusive approach to care management. Integration of different schools of medicines in its tech-driven solution makes ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ unique and the most innovative health-tech service provider.

It provides comprehensive care management services ranging from consultancy to diagnostic to hospitalisation. Moreover, it offers services after discharge and ensures medicine delivery at home.

“Despite significant improvement in healthcare infrastructure, 70 per cent of citizens living in tier 3/4 towns and rural India are unable to access it. ‘Desh ka Doctor’ will bridge this gap through innovative solutions. It aims to provide all-around healthcare solutions through its mobile application,” said Mr Anurag Pandey, CEO, ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ 

The health-tech service provider has so far partnered with 500 Allopathy, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathic doctors and a very large number of chemists on board across the country. 


Equipped with all advanced technical features, the ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ App minimises minimize inconvenience to patients travelling to hospitals with remote consultancy and care. 

About ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ 

Delhi-NCR-based Health-Tech Company ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ was established in August 2021 as a project by a dedicated team of tech experts in association with healthcare professionals. It is the first company to provide end-to-end 360-degree care services across the country. It addresses two critical challenges in healthcare: accessibility and affordability. Its digital services through an App ensure that patients are consistently at the centre of its care plan. In April 2022, the National Health Authority, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare authorised ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ to create ABHA – Ayushman Bharat Health Account (Health ID) for the citizens of India. By June, 2022, ‘Desh Ka Doctor’ issued ABHA ID to over 1.25 customers. The App is getting a very positive response till now with over 25,000 Mobile Application Downloads and over 3000 Transacted Customers.

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