Gillco International School student shines at State level Table Tennis tournament


At the School Games Federation of India’s ‘State Level Table Tennis Tournament’ which took place on __ at GAMADA Stadium, an 8th Standard student of Gillco International School, Prabhnoor Singh showcased a brilliant performance at the Table Tennis Under -17/19 boys competition. He bagged the second position in Mohali District and won a silver medal and a trophy at the competition.

Ms.Ruchi Sharma, Principal, Gillco International School, expressed her warm regards and said, “Prabhnoor Singh is the pride of our school. He has been a consistent performer and has the repertoire of a true sportsman. The school feels proud in calling him a part of us. Repeatedly, trainers and sporting staff have flagged him as an example in front of students who want to excel in sports as he, at such a small age, has truly become the paragon of hard work, dedication, and discipline.”

Prabhanoor Singh at his marvelous win was quoted as saying, “I am deeply indebted to my parents, trainers, and school to show trust in my talent and molding me in the best possible way. They have given me the confidence, love, and support due to which I am able to perform at national level competitions and earn glory for my family and school.” 

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