Globus Infocom, a Make in India brand which provides Education & Technology solution to the Indian Government & Private sector

Globus Infocom

Globus Infocom is one of the most innovatory firms with a key focus on providing highly advanced, cost-effective & reliable technological solutions to Education Technology, Digital Signage & Display and, Security & Surveillance. It’s one of those Make in India brands which have their own highly equipped manufacturing facility. With the widest range of product offerings designed to cater to 21st-century requirements, they have got the complete range of products registered on GeM(Government e-Market).

Inception and Ideology

Globus Infocom, the tech solutions providing corporation was founded in 2001 with an idea to build a trusted brand which would be able to deliver and develop the hardware technological products and provide solutions along with the prerequisite software products to offer a complete solution to the user. It has been a common problem faced by any technological user and Global Infocom has come up with an idea to enable the user to buy all the necessary gadgets and software products from a single company.

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The purpose of the company is to provide all the tech solutions including after sales requirements as well, under one umbrella. Globus Infocom has consolidated its position as a tech solutions provider with its unique and innovative approach.


Globus Infocom is committed to becoming one of the major tech experts in the industry. It has conceptualized to device products with integrating advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IOT & Augmented Reality to bring out the best of the solutions with a futuristic approach.


The mission of Global Infocom is to provide its clients all the tech solutions through a single platform. The company has realized the need to consolidate the tech solutions and it aims to provide high quality, reliable and cost-effective technological solutions for the industries of Security & Surveillance, Digital Signage & Display, and Education Technology.


  • Globus Infocom is one of the few companies which have carved a niche in the industry as a Make in India brand with the manufacturing facility set up in India. Globus Infocom has its own manufacturing unit to assemble & manufacture best quality hardware products along with an acute in-house R&D facility for software development which is committed to providing professional grade range of products & solutions which are tropicalized to perform well in harsh environmental conditions
  • Globus Infocom is a complete channel driven setup with best of the channel-friendly policies to ensure its partners growth and development.
  • Global Infocom, offers the widest range of products and solutions specially designed as per the requirements of the 21st century with integrated advanced technologies (AI, IoT & AR) along with best-suited software together.

Future Plans

Global Infocom is planning to Invest 20% of its revenue every year for Research & Development with an aim to produce extremely cost efficient & highly advanced products and solutions to its clients. It is working towards the constant innovation to improvise more on the quality and reliability. With an expected CAGR of 20% – 25% approximately in the upcoming years, Global Infocom is looking to innovate further. It is looking forward to establishing its sales and service network in every major city of the country and to be in reach to its customers for any sales and service related issue.

Kiran Dham(C.E.O. & HR Head. – Globus Infocom Limited)

Kiran Dham is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) and HR Head of the Globus Infocom Limited. She spearheads the departments like Marketing & Business Development, Human Resources, Client Servicing & Support, Training, IT and Administration. She designs the blueprint of Marketing Policies, Strategies, and Roadmap ahead for their efficient execution. She also designs Talent Acquisition and Talent Growth paths for the company.

Kiran has diverse expertise in multiple domains of Marketing & Business Development and Human Resource and Development. The focus work areas for her are Business Development, Strategic tie-ups for the company, and designing and execution of company Marketing Policies. Additionally, she is diligently engaged in identifying, selecting and hiring a Talent Pool that alienates with the Organizational objectives.

Before joining the Globus Infotech, Kiran has worked in Education Industry for 2 of the most renowned schools in Delhi. She has accomplished Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and Human Resources and she has also acquired a degree in BSc Hons. from Delhi University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kiran is a working parent passionate about music, reading, health, and fitness. She is a huge fitness enthusiast and could be found working out at the gym when not at work. She hails from a family with music background and has grown up in an environment where dedication and commitment towards the work and passion have always been on the forefront. She has been inherited with the values of being humble and respectful towards others. Being a woman, she encourages the culture of women empowerment and wants to create an environment where deserving women can have equal and open opportunities.

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