Government of Gujarat Awards Indigenous Supercomputer ‘Param Shavak’ to Marwadi University

Marwadi University

The University aims to enable high-end in-house advanced studies and research Supercomputer

New Delhi, 6th Oct, 2020: In an effort to boost the education infrastructure in the state and the country, Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) of Gujarat Government, has conferred Marwadi University with supercomputer ‘Param’. With this Marwadi University is amongst only a handful of Universities in the state to have the facility of supercomputer.

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The indigenously developed Param Shavak supercomputing system, will facilitate high end computations and research work in the field of AI, CE/IT, ICT, ML. Marwadi University aims at providing resources with advanced technologies to perform high-end computations for scientific, engineering, and academic programmes to address and catalyse the research using modelling, simulation and data analysis.

Marwadi University has already initiated a host of steps to partner with national and international universities, government institutions and industry research organisations, such as the University of Rhode Island, USA, amongst others. It will support individuals, faculties and researchers, to develop solutions and advanced products, with a huge scope to target sectors like Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Transportation, Public safety, NLP, amongst others.

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Speaking on the momentous occasion, Vice-chancellor, Marwadi University, Dr. Y. P. Kosta, said, “MU is looking forward to promoting the paradigm where AI and computational researchers across other fields work in close collaboration with each other. Setting up of such facilities will foster cross-sectoral collaboration at scale. For example, medical researchers and a computer scientists, may collaborate to uncover the application advanced tech to focus upon complex medical issues, thereby making real actionable data available in the process”

The facility will also help to create a pool of skilled professionals working in high-performance computing and Data Science thereby creating employment opportunities for students in R&D Organisations and Industry. At the grass root level, the facility will equip students with best-in-class resources, enabling them to develop the necessary skill sets in computational science and deep learning techniques, preparing them for careers in cutting edge science and technology.

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Founder and Chairman, Marwadi University, Mr. Ketan Marwadi, added that, “The long term aim is to develop cutting-edge solutions, while considering environmental and societal concerns in the state and across India. The establishment of a supercomputer centre is pivotal for government, industry and academia to converge, and develop collaborative solutions to tackle some of the biggest issues affecting society today.”

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