Gurgaon’s Suncity School become the first in Delhi NCR to introduce air purifiers in all classrooms


In a move to ensure good air quality for students and minimize the adverse effects of air pollution, Gurgaon-based Suncity School has become the first educational institution to fully introduce air purifiers in all classrooms. All air purifiers in the school have become fully functional since the current month. A total 100 air purifiers are installed covering all the classrooms and other areas of the school.

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Air purifiers installed at Suncity School work on ESP (Electro Static Precipitation) technology. The main filter comprises a series of a metal plates and an ionizer wire. As the air particles pass through the wire, they become charged and get attracted to the stainless steel collection plates. ESP technology can capture particles even smaller than 0.3 microns. These air purifiers will be cleaned from time to time to maintain their efficiency level. The school has also imparted requisite training to the electrical maintenance staff regarding the working of purifiers.

“The move is our small step of our concern towards the health of students. Since air pollution is a major health hazard, installing air purifiers will go a long way in maintaining good air quality ensuring the physical well- being of students,” said Rupa Chakravarty, Principal, Suncity School.

Prominent environmentalist Jitender Bhadana, Save the Aravalis has welcomed the move. “The move will go a long way in improving air quality indoors. Since we spend most of the time indoors, we need to ensure good air quality. Children are more vulnerable to threats from polluted environment.”

Parents and students have also welcomed the move. “Installing air purifiers in all classrooms should be made mandatory for all schools. It will go a long way in ensuring physical and mental well-being of all students. I am really happy as Suncity School has taken this step to ensure healthy environment for our children”, said Mr. Anuj Kapoor, whose child studies in Suncity School.

As per the WHO’s latest report of 2016, 13 of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world are from India. In May 2017, Gurgaon saw the sudden spurt in air pollution level for two consecutive days to surpass even Delhi’s most polluted areas. Haryana government is mulling over installing a giant air purifier in Gurgaon to curb pollution in the city. Airpurifiers are being installed in some schools in Beijing in the wake of increasing pollution from smog there.

Air pollution causes diseases like cancer, asthma and respiratory infections. Ironically, as compared to outdoor pollution, indoor pollution has been found 5- 10 times more toxic due to concentration of pollutants in the closed environment.

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