How online platforms are solving doubts by connecting students to tutors in 60 seconds


10 May 2022: Every child is born curious. The ability to ask questions stem from the
curiosity within them. The ideas of innovation and creativity develop in a child only when
they delve deeper into academic concepts and question the way they are.
During this process, they might come across several doubts. Getting their doubts
answered directly determines the progress/path of their learning journey. For instance,
students who do not get their queries answered for a long time are more likely to get
stuck during revision and in exams, leading to frustration and drop in confidence levels.
Many times, students do not seek clarification for their academic doubts due to the
hesitancy of asking the teacher in front of the class. Moreover, the massive head count
in an Indian classroom makes it difficult for teachers to resolve the doubts of every

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Under such instances, students can make use of online doubt resolution platforms like
Toppr Answr that connects them with an expert in 60 seconds. The platform’s Ask an
Expert feature lets a student connect with a subject-matter expert, all around the clock
to get their doubts answered.
Whenever doubts arise, all they have to do is ask and get verified solutions from
experts. Students have the option of asking their doubts by uploading a photo of the
question or by chatting with the subject expert. Additionally, they can access Google-
enabled voice commands to audio-search their queries.

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Ask an Expert boasts a doubt resolution rate of 98%, i.e. 98 out of every 100 students
have got their doubts resolved within 60 seconds. Which is why over 12 million doubts
have already been answered on the platform.
Besides, with over 90% of regular users rating the Ask an expert service as ‘Good’ in
app, Toppr Answr has become the top sought doubt resolution platform to seek instant,
verified solutions from experts.
Students must remember that getting doubts is a testament to the fact that they are
trying to understand the gaps in their learning and are keen on covering the loopholes.
Asking questions can help them get a better grasp of the concepts and retain critical
information for a long period of time.So, now all students have to do is ask questions
and there will always be an ANSWER!


About Toppr
Toppr is a leading education technology company focused on delivering personalized
learning with better outcomes. Founded in 2013 by IIT Bombay alumni Zishaan Hayath
and Hemanth Goteti, it uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning
algorithms to personalize learning for each student. Toppr has been the recipient of the
prestigious IAMAI Digital Awards and EdTechX Global Awards. The platform has over
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