“How to find the right school for your kids?”

How to find the right school for your kids

Finding the best classes and school for your little one can seem like a daunting task. With the mushrooming of so many educational institutes around, it has become very difficult for parents to find the right school environment catering to an all-round development of your kids. How do you decide if a particular school is the right for your child in all the possible manners? Whether you should go for a public or private school or a homeschool? All these questions are a common concern between the new age parents.

Shared below are four pointers which must be considered while you are making a choice of the right school for your kids:

  1. Understand Your Child First: Every child has their own capabilities and needs. No single child will have the adaptability level of the other. Some kids have different interests than others. Some may lack something which others might be fluent in. Hence, it is very important to understand your child and his/her needs first before you think of enrolling them.
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  2. Gather Information About Schools: Just like you do a lot of online research before you make an investment (no matter how small it is), you must do a lot more research when it comes to investing in your child’s education. After all, it is the most important investment of your life, isn’t it? Talk to parents around you, speak to different schools, gather information about the culture of the school, go through the website and google more about them. Cross-check with the local police station about the safety and security of the school and how the relationship between the two is. In a nutshell, you must know in and out about the school you are considering for your little one.
  3. Know About Their Curriculum and Approach of Learning: Now, this holds utmost importance because it is basis on this that your child is going to grow. Whichever school you are considering, know about their curriculum. Ask them questions about what education means to them and how they are trying to distinct their school from thousand others. Investigate how they are shaping their kids. Ask them what else other than the text book is part of their curriculum and how they approach teaching and learning mechanism. It is important for you and the school to be on the same page when it’s about the development and nurturing of your child.

  4. Visit the School: Once you are thorough with your online research, it is time to do the final investigation- the school visit. It is the school visit which will give you a true flavor of the school. Approach the schools that interest you and fix a time slot to visit the school and meet its authorities. Talk to them to make you have a tour of the school so that you can get a realistic and practical picture of the school and how you kids will be taken care of. Look out how the teachers are, if they could become the second parents to your kids, if the school is neat and clean, if the students look happy there, and if they are dedicated enough to shape the personality of your kids.

If you can tick all the pointers given above, you are on the verge of finding the right school for your kids. Above all the pointers, do enquire about the kid of classes they impart. Move ahead of fixed curriculum and choose a school which believes in imparting practical knowledge to your kids.

By, Ritesh Rawal an Innovator & Entrepreneur

Ritesh Rawal

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