Illustration an Artistic Career: Shankar’s Academy for Art and Book Illustration


30th June 2016

Book illustration is a relatively new field of art. It has gained popularity only recently, with the influx of many publishers in the country. From picture books and comics to encyclopedias and coffee table books, illustration is an integral part of each one. In a competitive literary world, being able to illustrate in the best manner is a necessity for attracting the customers.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

With the aim of bringing out well-written, well-designed and well-illustrated books for children, Children’s Book Trust (CBT) was founded 59 years ago by the renowned political cartoonist; Mr K. Shankar Pillai. It is the pioneer publisher of children’s books in India. Due to paucity of trained book publishing professionals and illustrators, CBT started the Shankar’s Academy for Art and Book Publishing in 1991.

The Academy gives the opportunity of pursuing Diploma in Art, Book Illustration and Graphics to all those who have successfully passed Class XII or an equivalent examination from a recognized institution.

The course teaches the basics of graphic designing as well as its intricacies. Students learn drawing objects, figures and outdoor sketches like landscapes. In addition to this, they are also taught how to develop layouts and designs, and editing and enhancement of images using basic softwares like Photoshop, Flash, Indesign, etc.

The biggest advantage of studying in this Institute would be getting hands on experience of handling, designing and illustrating projects for CBT publications. With the increasing demand for expertise in the field of book publishing and illustration, Shankar’s Academy of Art and Book Illustration is training budding artists to meet the needs of the market.

Pursuing this course opens up an array of options for the students. After completing this course from the Academy, a student is eligible to become a graphic designer, comic book artist, book illustrator, cartoonist, etc. This also qualifies the person enough to apply in media houses, advertising agencies or publishers. Somebody interested in animation may also enroll for this. There are vast career opportunities in this field and the demand is increasing.

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Shankar’s Academy provides skilled expertise in this art at a very reasonable cost and a comfortable timing. Apart from students, working professionals and industry experts can also pursue this course to enhance their skills which makes it all the more appealing.

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