Importance of Robotics and its training for high school kids


It is quite obvious that robots will play a large role in our future. It will be used in various fields like ocean and space discovery, manufacturing, transportation, medicine, etc. Robots will form our future prospects by improving efficiency and increasing our quality of life. All this might look deadly frightening since we have seen movies like Transformers etc. Instead, the coaching shows a more optimistic point of view on how robots can be applied and look at robotics as a precious knowledge tool.


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Importance of Robotics and its training

Techie Nitin Sisode is based out of Mumbai. He has done electronics engineering. After successfully conducting Robotics and electronics coaching classes at Nashik, he is planning for summer 2020 workshops in Robotics and electronics projects at Thane and Andheri Mumbai for high school kids of standard 6 to 9. Nitin Sisode as an engineer has fifteen years of hands-on experience in this field.

Their robotics platform uses Technology, Science, Math and Engineering subjects in the program. Kids study to use science and math in a day to day life functions than what they are merely taught in school. This triggers the kids liked to take up higher studies and careers in associated fields of technology. 


The purpose of this pilot press release is to make parents aware of the importance of Robotics and electronics and its coaching for the high school children. In the coming days the venues, timings and contact details will be published through various channels. 

Robotics is at the front of the swiftly rising world of technology. Their method of the syllabus includes programming, 3D printing, and computer design. The learning to control robots by way of programming will build the logical mindset of kids useful in their real-life situations.

The method is to systematically generating, inventing, cracking and resolving the glitches. We all know that the CEO of one of the world’s largest technological companies has an undergraduate degree in technology. The engineers possess unmatched analytical skills for cracking the problems and building resolutions. That’s why they are hired not merely by engineering corporations but also for economic organizations, consulting companies, and government offices. 

Robotics offers children a contest they take to resolve. The contests are the doors of knowledge on account of the curiosity they build. The children are compensated by observing the straight outcome of their codes and programs in action. This feeling is invaluable for the kids. 

They conduct innovative skill workshops for high school kids during weekends. Last year They conducted workshops during summer, Diwali and Christmas holidays as well. The applications are generally received during April and the classes will be held in May 2020. Approximately 200 students learning in classes 6 to 9 participate in this skill development program in Robotics. 

The excellence of the workshop is matchless, as they are held by renowned teachers, field specialists, and faculties. The kids will be introduced to the wonders of Robotics, Astronomy and Space science. The practicals include electronics circuit designing to forming the telescope and observing the sky to deliver the hands-on practice to the kids.

The scientific skill workshop is intended at making the kids aware of the science as well as sense it and like it and eventually build a technical ethos in them.

The team of faculty emboldens the kids even those as young as 10 years old. Since they go by self engaged, step by step practical they will learn industry-standard technology projects and critical career skills and problem-solving. 

Their Camps & Activities, Programs, and Curriculum is Fun as well as Education! After a successful experience at Nashik, solid encouragement from parents and enthusiasm from students, locations at Thane and Andheri Mumbai are coming aboard this summer 2020.

The faculty is so passionate regarding delivering the children what they are required to seek their passion from an early age. Their objective is to grab a child’s curiosity and unite it with big challenges offered in the way of programming and Robotics to generate a liking to learn without compulsion.

They didn’t stop evolving over a period. Their syllabus keeps altering to stay on a trail with what is the necessity of the future. Their new addition, Artificial Intelligence, makes them the only faculty teaching children how to apply AI in applications. Even after the program is complete, they keep making alterations depending upon the feedback from parents, students, and faculty.

They have a faith that they shall continue to deliver the students what they require in order to reach the greatness in their professional and personal careers.

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