Interview with Chief Executive Officer of Navneet TopTech – Harshil Gala

  1. Tell us about Navneet TopTech and its offerings. 

Navneet TopTech is a part of Navneet Future Tech, the ed-tech arm of Navneet Group – having a strong legacy in India, built over six decades. With its strong and agile management team blended with rich industry experience, Navneet TopTech is a fast-growing digital education company that is focused on providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India. It comprises of the TOP range – TOPClass, a smart classroom offering, and TOPScorer, a self-study and homework app. TOPClass is a complete teacher-driven and student-centric digital learning solution set to redefine the teaching and learning experience of teachers and students. The innovative solution includes captivating animated content for every chapter- thus making the content engaging and interesting. Curated by Navneet’s Subject matter experts, TOPScorer supports classroom learning by providing digital course packs for grades 1-10 students through world-class audio/visual content, comprehensive learning notes, AI-based assessments and simple analytics to help students perform better.

  1. How do you integrate technology with learning?

Technology makes information instantly accessible, which is why having it in the classroom is so essential. For both students and teachers, smartphones, computers, and tablets are already an integral part of daily life. It makes sense that efforts are being made to study how to employ technology in the classroom to give students of all age’s relevant learning opportunities.

Different forms of technology, such as a multi-media classroom, are used in to generate active learners who are interested in the learning objectives. Technology integration also opens doors for individualised instruction to fulfil each student’s specific needs as an individual learner within a larger classroom environment. For auditory and visual learners, using technology during whole-class education can increase student participation. Simple technological integrations like PowerPoints, games, online homework assignments, or online grading platforms can make a significant difference in how well students perform in the classroom. 

  1. What are Navneet TopTech’s unique advantages compared to the other players in this industry? 

Navneet Education Group has been working with the education sector for the past 60 years. Navneet TopTech, being part of this Ed-tech venture, emphasises on providing trustworthy quality education to its consumers, which is a huge advantage in comparison with other players. Since our inception in 2008, we have focused on continuous innovation and coming out with top-notch products. We have a top-grade team to service our customers. Along with the booming Ed-tech industry, Navneet TopTech understands and caters to ed-tech services in the post-Covid era by developing products like Topscorer and Topclass in the market. 

  1. What are the key challenges in this sector? How are you tackling the industry challenges? 

When the pandemic made it necessary for students to leave the comfort of their classrooms, online learning surged. An unparalleled flurry of funding and innovation then occurred. But in order to be successful in the market, you must be aware of all the traps that await ed-tech entrepreneurs. 

One of the major challenges is the divide between business owners and educators. Teachers discuss student performance as businessmen discuss numbers. This gap makes it difficult to sell your goods and hides viable business prospects. Ed-Tech platforms sometimes lack transparency and essential teacher input. It is difficult to solve these issues without a deeper understanding of how students learn and how classroom technology affects learning results. Also, the interface may hinder user experience, because of this, it is challenging for end users to comprehend the system. Ironically, despite the fact that colleges, and schools strive to implement major technological advancements in education, many of these institutions resist change as they more comfortable with the traditional pattern. 

Despite all the challenges, we believe that offline education system is here to stay and hence hybrid ed-tech models are more reliable. Navneet TopTech provides solutions which are easy for the schools and students to interpret and which makes learning more fun and interactive. We striving towards removing the resistance towards online learning. 

  1. What is the impact of technology on education and how Navneet TopTech has helped schools/educators with their technology-driven offerings?

Technology is a key factor that can assist and improve education in a variety of ways, from making it simpler for instructors to develop lesson plans to opening up new avenues for individual and group learning. A new era of education that can take place whenever and wherever is emerging thanks to the Internet’s global reach and the prevalence of smart gadgets that can connect to it. Making the most of the opportunities offered by technology to improve education so that effective and efficient education is accessible to everyone everywhere will be up to instructional designers and educational technologies. 

In our recent survey, a total of 39 percent of the instructors surveyed claimed they used technology to educate for the first time during the pandemic, and 64 percent thought it could be used to diversify learning. Additionally, it stated that 24% of teachers thought it aided in improving student results. Our technology driven online assessment tools, multimedia classrooms, fun learning homework app makes it easier for schools / educators to integrate learning among students. 

  1. What kind of competition lies in this industry and how do you plan to tackle it?

Venture capitalists are investing at a record-breaking rate in ed-tech (education technology), which is booming. Top ed-tech start-ups will probably have access to plenty of cash as VCs hunt for top investments, even though there aren’t hundreds of billions of dollars available yet like with other trends. Thus, ed-tech competition is becoming more intense. In actuality, competition encourages us to be inventive and creative, which is not always a negative thing. You must offer your users value if you want to be preferred above your rivals.  One can be more responsive to user demand and shifting trends. 

As an upcoming ed-tech company we are agile and inculcating latest trends and innovation in our products, which at the same are user friendly.  We aim to build world class education technology by giving quality output to students and teachers at all levels. To do this we are also building an A-team to enhance our game in the industry. Hence, we are focusing on hiring best of talents to execute are strategies and achieve our goals.

  1. Presence of Navneet TopTech in India and what are your expansion plans?

Navneet TopTech has been present in India since 2008. We have deployed our technology in 4000 schools in two states (Maharashtra and Gujarat). As a fast-growing digital education company focused on providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India, we look forward to become the number one B2B solution provider for India. We aim to scale to 10,000 schools across India, and cater to CBSE board as well as State board. 

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We want to position ourselves as a premium solution provider and one shop stop for all Ed-tech services for schools, teachers, students, and parents. 

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