IVM Podcasts & GFI India announce Season 2 of Feeding 10 Billion

IVM Podcasts

IVM Podcasts The second season of Feeding 10 Billion  starts 23rd June, 2020.The show highlights the importance of better food systems for the environment, sustainability, nutrition, and health, all of which is more relevant right now.

Globally, the smart protein industry is growing rapidly, on the back of the huge success in 2019. In India, organizations like The Good Food Institute India are building the sector from the ground up and aiming it at the fundamental problems of malnutrition, farmer incomes, and sustainability. The aim is to bring brilliant, committed people together from diverse backgrounds, and promote greater awareness and scientific conversations on the possibilities for food system transformation. IVM Podcasts, India’s pioneering podcast network with a 100 shows with a million+ monthly listeners across their network co-produces the show with The Good Food Indian Institute India. The first season of this show was a  clear success, so they decided to launch Season 2 of Feeding 10 Billion to offer listeners quality content on the future of food, during this extended lockdown. The series examines key themes and perspectives on the past, present, and future of food, and highlights collaborators, and change-makers in the field.

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The podcast is a 10 episode series in English hosted by Varun Despande and Ramya Ramamurthy, with each episode clocking 45-55 minutes. The hosts will be talking about how our food needs to evolve to ensure we can feed all 10 billion of us by 2050 in ways that do not negatively impact global health or the planet. A few of the guests on the show include Bruce Friedrich, Co-Founder, & Executive Director, The Good Food Institute, Andrew Ive, Founder, & Managing General Partner, Big Idea Ventures, Hemendra Mathur, Co-Founder, ThingAg, & Venture Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund, and Siddharth Bhide, Sci-Tech Specialist, The Good Food Institute India.

Commenting on the podcast Amit Doshi, founder of IVM Podcasts said, “We are focusing on bringing a show which is time relevant and educative at the same time. Seeing the success of season 1, we think this is the right time where the audience is looking out for content that helps them to deal not only with the current time but future as well.”

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Commenting on the podcast Kavita Rajwade, co-founder of IVM Podcasts said, “At IVM Podcasts we constantly strive to bring in shows that can connect with the audience and help them to deal with things. Especially, at the current times, what one needs is to think progressively towards the future and this is exactly what the show will help the audience with. Considering the present challenging times, health is the utmost priority to fight against the COVID-19 situation, physically as well as mentally.”

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Commenting on the podcast, Varun Deshpande, Managing Director of GFI India, said, “Feeding a growing world cannot come at the cost of global health, worsening greenhouse gas emissions, excessive land, water and resource use, zoonotic diseases, antibiotic resistance, and needless suffering – and reinventing protein is a key piece of the equation. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the importance of protein diversification all the more evident. If you want to be part of the future of food and learn about solutions to some of the biggest problems of our time, tune in to Season 2 of Feeding 10 Billion.”

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