JAIN International Residential School announces JAIN Excellence Test (JET) 2023 for admissions in the new academic year


Bengaluru; 09 Feb 2023: JAIN International Residential School (JIRS), one of the country’s most prestigious residential schools, will conduct the JAIN Excellence Test (JET) 2023 on 11th February 2023 as part of the new admission process for the academic year 2023-2024.

JET (JAIN Excellence Test) is conducted every year for students seeking admission to grade 5 upto grade 11. The JET will consist of multiple choice questions which are designed to test the in-depth knowledge of the aptitude level and holistic approach of the child.

The JAIN Excellence Test (JET), is a subject-based / aptitude test (1 hour) followed by a personality / passion test (15 mins) where they will be asked about their inborn interests, passions, likes, and dislikes in order to help them understand and determine their nature and also understand their field of interest.

JET is based on the curriculum the student is currently pursuing (e.g., for a student applying to 8th grade, JET will have questions from the 7th-grade curriculum up to midterm / conceptual). 

A Day at JIRS: Post JET, candidates and their parents’ will also be given the opportunity to visit JIRS (JAIN Global Campus) in person, where they will experience one of the largest residential school campuses in the country.

The candidates and their parents’ are informed about the school’s results, achievements in all fields, parent’s feedback etc. They can view the facilities, meet the faculty members, house parents (warden s / matron s), coaches, departmental heads and Principal. They also get a chance to meet the students of the same age group  / place, sharing their schooling experiences. 

Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Principal at JAIN International Residential School (JIRS) said, “It is with sincere pleasure that we announce JAIN Excellent Test. JET aims to make students future pioneers and act as a catalyst for giving students a definite direction in their careers in the vibrant culture of JAIN. The JAIN group has made an incredible contribution to nation-building where it has shaped the future of so many notable personalities who are today leaving a mark in their respective fields. To create more personalities like these, we hope that JET will be a successful medium.

To apply please visit https://www.jirs.ac.in/jirsform/

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About JIRS 

The Jain International Residential School, founded in 1999 by Dr. Chenraj Roychand, is rooted in tradition while encouraging students to thrive in an ever-changing world and grow within to make a global impact.JIRS celebrates differences in culture, countries, and personalities where students are exposed to a global curriculum, an immersive learning process, and holistic growth within a supportive and diverse community that prepares them for a promising future. One of the top schools with international standards in India is situated in Bengaluru: Jain International Residential School (JIRS), an international boarding school that enables students to explore their talents, broaden their vision, and sharpen their focus to emerge as future leaders of tomorrow.

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