JK Lakshmipat University, Institute of Design announces “Design Immersive Winter Camp” for school students

JK Lakshmipat University

Jaipur, 22ndDec 2022: To enhance the creative quotients of the students, the Institute of Design at JK Lakshmipat University is organizing a residential “Design Immersive Winter camp” for young creative minds for students from grades 9th to 12th from 2nd Jan to 6th Jan 2023. The winter camp is supported by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and NITI Ayog wherein students will experience a 5- day event filled with creativity and imagination. Students waiting for results are eligible for this year’s winter camp.

Through a special curriculum that mixes stimulating exercises and group projects, Design Immersive Winter Camp will encourage young minds to explore their imagination and creativity. It will enable students to think creatively and test their ability to solve issues practically. The program’s goal is to introduce the students to various disciplines of design and guide them toward better academic and professional decisions by assisting them in identifying their areas of interest and expertise. 

The program would include workshops on Photo Story-telling, Visual Design, Product Design, Future of Design and Design Sensibility & Problem Solving. The Key Learning would be that Design is an iterative process and designers are fundamentally story-tellers who are attentive, sensitive, exploratory and engage with the unknown. The learnings would be around Creative Thinking, Material Exploration, Photography, Product Sensitivity and Conceptualization. To make the camp more exciting for these young minds, the organizers have also included extra-curricular activities including Bhagru Block Printing experience, Wall Paintings, Film Screenings, Karaoke Night and Game Night.

The camp will be led by Amitanshu Shrivastav, Product Designer, BDes from IICD, Jaipur: Founder Designer at Amitansh Thinking Studio; Aastha Gohil, Visual Communication Designer from NID, Independent film maker, Academician; Dhruv Saxena, Product Designer; MDes from DOMUS ACADEMY, NABA University, Milan, Diploma from IICD, Jaipur; Yash Raizada, Graphic Design, Branding, Media Management, Data Visualisation; Gunjan Mudgal, MSc Luxury Management from POLIMI Graduate School of Management, Milan, Product Designer, BDes from NIFT, Chennai and Swarnima Dwivedi, Product Designer, Researcher, MDes from NIFT, Kannur; BDes from NIFT, Chennai.

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Prof Dheeraj Sanghi, Vice Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University said“There are a lot of exciting workshops on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Material Exploration, Photography and so on. We have curated this camp to help school students make a hands-on connection with Design and develop a perspective that will help them decide whether they want to be designers, engineers, social scientists or anything else of their choosing. It’s going to be transformative and engaging. At JK Lakshmipat University, we are passionate about building a high quality institution that enables students to embark on a journey of transformation. This camp is a unique opportunity for the students to interact with the industry leaders of design and seek guidance from them and it would act as a window into the world of design. Such camps offer a structured opportunity for students to grow, allowing them to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills”. He thanked Prof A Balasubramaniam, Director, Institute of Design at JKLU, and the entire team for helping create this unique opportunity for young minds.

To participate in this Winter Camp, students need to register at https://winter.jklu.edu.in/. The cost of this Residential Program is Rs. 9,999/- and includes the stay, all meals and materials. Students are expected to carry pens, pencils, colours, sketchbook and a smartphone. Early registrations might be rewarded with merit based scholarships. After the competition of Winter Camp, students will get a completion certificate from the Institute of Design, JKLU & AIC-JKLU.

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