Journey behind successful Business “Vinod Cookware” by Director Sunil Agarwal

Vinod Cookware

Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people – A popular quote by Peter Strople, definitely stands true when it comes to Vinod Cookware, a brand that hasrevolutionized the traditional Indian Kitchens, with a modern avatar.

It all started in the year 1962, when Mr. Rajeram Agarwal laid the foundation of Vinod Cookware. While working as an employee at a stainless-steel cookware firm, Mr. Agarwal saw a huge scope in the untapped market of the cookware industry. He discovered that the cookware segment was unorganized and fragmented due to which the existing brands had limited scope and the quality that they provided was merely satisfactory. Where other Brands the market were not able to mark a foothold and create a permanent place for themselves Mr. Rajeram envisioned setting up an empire and bridge the vacuum in the Cookware Industry. He started off with asmall stainless-steel utensil manufacturing unit at Bhandup in Mumbai, with Pressure Cookers. While Mr. Sunil Agarwal, the second-generation key business holder was actively an integral part of the company, He along with brother Mr. Anil Agarwal took up the baton of the brand after his father’s – Mr. Rajeram’s Agrawal’s demise in 2010 making the brand a household name not just in India but also internationally.

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Vinod Cookware

Vinod Cookware started its business with premium quality pressure cooker. They saw a good traction in the market after the launch of their first product but there were some major concerns which had to be addressed among st the Industry leaders and the consumers. The initial days of the brand were challenging as the company faced financial losses because of limited sales. They once visited a dealer and saw their product stock pile up, the reason being cheaper brands in the market were available at the bare minimum low price so the consumers preferred them instead. This is where, Vinod Cookware begun its aggressive program, of educating the audience the Industry, on why Quality commands a price. Furthermore, Vinod also engaged with consumers and the retailers at the ground level, to make them understand the importance of high-quality hygienic cookware and how the products were largely based on the value they brought on the table with the longevity.  This exercise, accelerated their transition from an ‘unknown brand’ to ‘popular household brand – Vinod Cookware’

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As years passed,they expanded their offerings to Stainless-steel, Zest non-stick, HardAnodized and Platinum Series cookware, as well as bottles. Vinod remains, the first brand in India to bring the touch of Technology, to the traditional age old cookware. The brand with its vast product range, aims to stay relevant to every generation and needs. Introducing the modern techniques in their manufacturing units, the Brand has disrupted the Traditional approach of the Industry with a series of firsts. Vinod has been the first in India to set up impact bonding machine for high quality products, introducing SAS metal which brought stainless steel in focus (Triply Stainless steel) and several others.

Vinod Cookware

Today Vinod Cookware has 5 large manufacturing units spread across 15 acres in Palghar, Mumbai. Each product is designed to address and simplify the growing needs and enhancing the Cooking experience.The company has a strong portfolio of over 400 products in India, across 6 categories and with and turnover of 180+ crore marking a strong foothold in the Northern and the Western Zones.

Vinod Cookware has been consistently evolving ever since its inception, with the quality assured products that are marked with excellence and with this; they aim to be in the top 3 sellers list for each of their product category. To ensure that, and aligning to their ideology ‘cooking with a difference’, they will soon be launching a series of new products focusing on the traditional practices but with a twist and enriching the wholesome cooking experience of the consumers.

Sunil Agarwal, Director, Vinod Cookware

Vinod CookwareThe task of pushing forward a well-established business legacy may be enviable for some but for the doer himself, it could be the most daunting challenge. Sunil Agarwal, Director of Vinod Cookware took up the mantle of taking the cookware empire to newer highs and has delivered outstandingly.

Serving the company from the past two decades, Agarwal has become a notable dignitary in the industry thanks to the accolades he has earned for his brands. Expanding Vinod’s repertoire from stainless steel to state-of-the-art technology categories such as induction cookware and the competitive non-stick cookware, Agarwal achieved success regularly.

He infuses his mottos – safety and health –into the research and development of Vinod’s brands too and manages to create a buzzing environment within the company. The credit for truly building the Vinod Empire and making it an outstanding name among industry peers goes largely to Agarwal.

Apart from the other responsibilities, he is largely responsible for the widespread production and domestic marketing. His decisions of analyzing and implementing the right strategies on time to time basis which has brought diversified flavor and strong analytical ability for Vinod Cookware as a brand.

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Also, his key success story is the Aluminium Sandwich Bottom for vessels that he brought about, which created a flutter with marketers and consumers.

In his various other interests, he has also been an active affiliate to Stainless Steel Merchants and several Industrial Bodies. An ardent Sports enthusiast Mr.Agrawal loves to indulge in some Squash and Badminton in his free time!

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