KidZania celebrates Mother’s Day by hosting KidZania Mommy Zummit 2022 in its Mumbai & Delhi NCR facilities


India wide release, 12th May 2022: KidZania India hosted its second edition of the KidZania Mommy Zummit with Mompreneur Circle to celebrate this Mother’s Day.  KidZania had Parents World, Education World as media partners. The event was organized on Sunday, May 8th, at both its Mumbai and Delhi NCR parks. This year’s summit saw KidZania appreciate mothers thriving in careers beyond conventional professions through its engaging panel discussions.

The Mommy Zummit brought together a diverse group of remarkable mothers for both its panels to share their stories and inspire other mommies to pursue their goals and dreams.

Mumbai’s panel was moderated by Vanita Rawat (NLP Practitioner, Content Creator and Motivational Speaker) and included Sneha Visaria (Director of FALCON PDD), Disha Singh (Founder of Zouk), Rachana Gupta (Co-founder Gynoveda) and Pooja Patil Jambotkar (Postnatal Fitness Trainer & Country Leader for Kangatraining, Winner of Mrs India & Mrs Asia International). The women deep-dived into the theme, ‘The road less taken: Women leading professions in unexplored territories.’

Vanita Rawat, NLP Practitioner, Content Creator and Motivational Speaker, said, “I was delighted to moderate this esteemed panel of amazing women and mothers! It was an enriching experience that saw us discussing how it is important to be confident, explore out-of-the-box career options and achieve dreams no matter the age.”

Sneha Visaria, Director of FALCON PDD, mentioned, “My mother and grandmother never had the chance to speak up. Today’s social media platforms have enabled every woman to express herself openly. The panel saw us talk about how everyone may effectively use social media for business, profession, and various other purposes to expand their scope and opportunities.”

Disha Singh, Founder of Zouk, said, “It was my honor to be part of this panel with other wonderful women. The key takeaway from this discussion was how women need to prioritize themselves because you cannot make others happy if you are unhappy yourself.”

Rachana Gupta, Co-founder, Gynoveda, said, “KidZania’s Mommy Zummit was a learning experience for me and several mothers who attended. As a mother and an entrepreneur, it is vital to concentrate on your child alongside your dream without letting the latter take a back seat. Children who observe their parents construct something from the ground up will be inspired to build something constructive from scratch too.”

Pooja Patil Jambotkar, Postnatal Fitness Trainer & Country Leader for Kangatraining, Winners of Mrs India & Mrs Asia International, added, “We had a healthy mix of moms across diverse fields. The crux of the discussion was that it is critical for mothers to take at least an hour out for ‘me time’ to be able to offer their family and child justice for the next 23 hours.”

Meanwhile, the Delhi NCR panel included Praggatti Rao (Consultant Psychologist and UCLA-certified career mentor), Aparna Vasudevan (Co- Founder & COO, The Nestery), Purnima Bahuguna (Founder & Director, Triaanyas Healthmantra Pvt Ltd), and was moderated by Latika Wadhwa (Founder & CEO of Mompreneur Circle). This panel participated in an in-depth discussion on ‘Professions of future: pathways for kids in the new world and the women leading the way for them.’

Latika Wadhwa, Founder & CEO of Mompreneur Circle, said, “It was a pleasure to moderate the panel at Noida’s Kidzania Mommy Zummit. The discussion centered on the skills and abilities needed to prepare children for the future and how many new opportunities have arisen for today’s children due to the pandemic.”

Praggatti Rao, Consultant Psychologist and UCLA-certified career mentor, mentioned, “The panel discussed how new age careers would massively be around consumption economy like IT, Retail and Food. The aptest skills for future-ready children shall be creativity, curiosity, self-awareness and self-regulation, critical-thinking, mindset mentoring and extensive innovative problem-solving.”

Aparna Vasudevan, Co-Founder & COO, The Nestery, said, “I was pleased to be part of this esteemed panel for the summit. One of the vital takeaways from this discussion was how parents and schools need to equip children with soft skills while strengthening their understanding of basic concepts experientially. All round development of the child needs to take precedence over focus on rote learning.”

“The discussion focused on children, their futures, and how mothers may help them thrive in a post-pandemic dynamic. It was a beneficial experience that saw diverse perspectives on the subject!” added Purnima Bahuguna, Founder & Director, Triaanyas Healthmantra Pvt Ltd.

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Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone

Tarandeep Singh Sekhon, Marketing Director of KidZania India, summarized, “After the success of Mommy Zummit in 2019 Mumbai, we were determined to bring it to both Mumbai and Delhi NCR this year. I am thankful to all the panelists for inspiring and motivating women and mothers by sharing their experiences and learning. We look forward to many more such enriching events in the future!”

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