Kool Kanya addresses “mom guilt” while celebrating Mother’s Day with its #MumsNotTheWord digital campaign


India, 5th May 2022 – With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Kool Kanya, a leading digital-first women-centric platform, has organised a series of interesting online events for its community of women through its week-long #MumsNotTheWord campaign. The platform intends to kick-start celebrating this important day with an engaging workshop conducted by Mansi Zaveri (CEO & Founder of KidsStopPress) alongside an Instagram Live session with Dr Madhu Chopra, amongst other activities.

This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day more meaningfully and in a manner that is engaging and relevant to women, especially mothers, in today’s day and age, Kool Kanya aims to spark conversations around tackling “mom guilt.” Further expanding on this, the platform has organised a Zoom session, ‘CEO moms: From ambitious women to ambitious moms’ by Mansi Zaveri, the CEO & Founder of KidsStopPress (a parenting and childcare platform). Mansi, a mother of two, is one of the strongest new-age voices in the parenting and babycare sphere. Combining her passion for the digital medium and her parenting journey, she has become an entrepreneur who empowers parents to make informed choices. Her workshop will see her sharing her experiences as a career woman and a mother while deep-diving into a range of other relevant subjects. These include balancing career and family, breaking the bias against “unavailable” career-driven moms, letting go of the “mom-guilt” and embracing your ambition, the importance of taking time off for yourselves and much more. 

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Expressing her excitement for the workshop, Mansi Zaveri mentioned, “I am very excited to meet and interact with other moms. Through this workshop, I want every mom to know that they are the best mother their child could ever have, so they should do what they do best and not let self doubt steal the joy.”

Women, particularly mothers, those who are expecting or planning to become others in the future, as well as daughters of ambitious mothers, can attend this one-hour workshop on 6th May 2022, Friday from 6 PM onwards by registering at https://bit.ly/Ceo_moms.

In addition to this, Vanshika Goenka, the founder and CEO of Kool Kanya, will engage in a Q&A with Dr Madhu Chopra in an Instagram Live on Sunday, 8th May, 2022. Although Madhu Chopra may be known as the mother of global superstar Priyanka Chopra Jonas, she has carved a niche for herself as a doctor and an entrepreneur. This live session will see the two women mainly have a chat about ‘Why a mother’s ambition is good for her family,’ further highlighting how having an ambition is not antithetic to being good mothers. 

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Commenting on this, Dr Madhu Chopra said, “It has been quite a journey for me as a lady doctor who had to deal with immense bias initially, especially in small towns. However, times are slowly changing for the better, and seeing countless women excelling in the roles they are taking on is very encouraging. I don’t think there is any greater inspiration for a daughter than a mother who works towards her goals. I have always admired how Kool Kanya has been empowering women to do exactly that, and I am looking forward to interacting with its community of women during the live session!”

Vanshika Goenka added, “Being a mother is a challenging task, and for working mums, “mom-guilt” is often synonymous with motherhood. Kool Kanya strives to switch this narrative around ambitious women while redefining what a “good mother” means through our #MumsNotTheWord campaign this Mother’s Day. As part of this, I am thrilled to chat with Dr Madhu Chopra, the new grandmom in town, on our Instagram live. And alongside Mansi Zaveri’s insightful workshop, our community will be seen celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day with a dash of fun, laughter and learning.”

Furthermore, Kool Kanya will share the journeys and experiences of mothers who are entrepreneurs, bloggers or creators to explore how they manage motherhood and their careers. These will be showcased on its digital magazine, the Kool Kanya blog, and Instagram handle, where it will also enable its women community to share stories about their working mothers. 

Through all its activities, Kool Kanya endeavours to celebrate motherhood and encourage all moms to follow their dreams passionately, fearlessly and guiltlessly.

To know more about this campaign, visit Kool Kanya’s website at koolkanya.com or head over to Kool Kanya’s Instagram page (@kool_kanya).

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