Learning beyond course structure as Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence offers courses for an all-round development to students


Pune, April 19, 2022: The Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence [Lexicon MILE] successfully thrived and completed a decade of excellence in higher management education. The journey at Lexicon MILE is an experience for students as it offers comprehensive holistic learning. Experiential learning being at its roots encourages students to learn from real life situations and practically implement what is taught. Lexicon MILE provides student learnings that support them in their overall journey.

At Lexicon MILE, students are nurtured to be responsible business leaders who would hold the reins of the corporate world in the near future. As part of the academics, there are several additional courses which help students in their academic as well as professional journey.

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Courses such as the Neuro Linguistic Program, Golf Basics, Basics of Portfolio Management and Crypto Currency Trader Certificate, Conflict Resolution, Fundamentals of Project Management, and much more are part of the curriculum. Courses such as the Basics of Portfolio Management and Crypto Currency Trader Certificate combines the basics of portfolio management with comprehensive crypto currency trader learning. It serves as a road map for one’s personal and technical/financial cryptocurrency success. A course in Fundamentals of Project Management helps one fulfil the need for a combination of skills, knowledge, methods, and experience of different project management frameworks to achieve its concrete objectives.

Golf Basics helps one understand the importance of ‘Play the Game’ & networking. This certificate gives an understanding of the basic elements of Golf.  “At Lexicon MILE we believe that learning is a lifelong process. It does not really ever stop and therefore, through Lexicon MILE we want to give students an opportunity to learn in such a manner that the yearning to always learn, always grow and excel in every aspect of life never ceases. These additional certifications encourage students to sharpen their skills in areas which they are either interested in or wish to expand their knowledge base. In today’s competitive world, it is essential to create strong, intellectual, multi-skilled leaders who can thrive in any given situation. At Lexicon MILE we are motivated to create more and more rounded personalities for the future” says DR Jitender Kumar Sharma, Director- Lexicon MILE.

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The team at Lexicon MILE is one that is filled with determination, zeal, and passion when it comes to imparting education. The ardent work done so far is a testament in itself. As more and more students are given the opportunity to learn in such a thriving environment it is only certain that we witness the creation of just the kind of future leaders we need.

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