Lexicon MILE to offer a Certification Program on the Basics of Cryptocurrency and Financial Portfolio Management


Pune, June 20, 2022: Individuals today have recognized the need for financial security and independence, especially in today’s day and age. With rapid digitization and continued advances in the field of technology, irrespective of being a girl or boy, being financially secure, independent, and literate in financial technologies is an essential requisite for all. To equip all their students with the fundamentals of investment, digital currency and how to make profitable and sustainable investments, Lexicon MILE is offering a professional certification program on ‘Basics of Crypto Currency and Financial Portfolio Management’ at the institute.

At The Lexicon Group of Institutes, we strive to ensure that at every stage of learning, focus is on the students’ holistic growth and development. We encourage the students to adopt learning as a life-long practice and equip them with critical skills. Basics of Crypto Currency and Financial Portfolio Management is one of the ten additional certifications provided to all students as a part of their management program. All ten certifications have been integrated into the curriculum to create an opportunity for the students to acquire critical skills that will be an added advantage for their careers and future.

The course introduces and guides individuals on how to get started with cryptocurrency and financial portfolio management. As it addresses the fundamentals, it is perfect for both beginners and experienced investors. In this course, students will learn about the crucial concepts of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin basics, how to manage their financial portfolio, how to make data-driven investment decisions, and much more. “At Lexicon MILE we want to ensure our students are aware and educated on all matters. Financial management, smart investments, etc. are matters which are essential to be educated on and yet many don’t know much about them. However, times are changing and today’s generation is keener on learning and educating themselves on such topics. We are stoked to have Raj Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance conduct this program and we are certain that the students are going to benefit greatly from this certification course”, says Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma, Director, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence.

Mr. Raj Kapoor, the Founder of India Blockchain Alliance, and a financial expert, will conduct the program and cover topics such as how to segment your money for different purposes, long-term and short-term savings goals, creation of a retirement plan, how to make wise investment decisions, how to protect your money from unforeseen events, and much more. The focus of the program will also be utilizing digital resources and adapting to the changes in the financial market in the near future. 

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Supporting your future with financial security and being equipped to handle any financial challenges the future brings is of utmost importance for all. We at the Lexicon MILE believe the sooner one embarks upon that journey, the better. Through this program, Lexicon MILE seeks to assist students in sharpening their skills in areas of personal finance, digital currency, and the applications in real life to pursue their interests in the field or develop their knowledge base.

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