Lexicon rainbow- a therapy and a child development centre addresses children with special needs

Lexicon rainbow

Pune, March 3, 2022: Lexicon group of institutes, one of India’s leading education hubs and its venture ‘Lexicon Rainbow Therapy and Child Development Centre’- a one of its kind centre that caters to child development with a team of trained therapists who help children across with their motor, speech, cognitive and social domains by offering a holistic approach towards learning. The centre that is located in Pune has succeeded in helping children who face different challenges in the early stages of development- be it motor skills, speech, cognitive, or social skills; the host of trained experts have come together with parents by identifying the problem at an early stage and thereby help children achieve his/her goals.

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The importance of development of these fine motor skills, cognitive and social skills during the early years is essential as this plays a significant role in forming future social, and emotional functioning. At Lexicon Rainbow Therapy and Child Development Centre, a multidisciplinary team of child development experts help children across their motor, speech, cognitive and social domains. Each activity and task is aimed to address every aspect of development. From early on children aren’t mere passive observers to all that is happening around them but they imitate the behaviors of others into their personal repertoire. As quoted by Oprah Winfrey in one of her books “The way you treat a child, from the time that child is born, is what sets them up to either succeed or struggle’, is a quote that would resonate with many in the field of child development as it truly encapsulates the importance of early childhood experiences, and learnings. While some children are able to develop and form their skills in the given environment, some might face a few challenges and just need a little push in achieving their goal. Along with a team of passionate occupational therapists, speech therapists and special educators working towards a holistic growth and child development, there are a range of therapies integrated into the academic services at this fine institution. Right from occupational therapy, therapy which is a branch of health-care that focuses on helping children with sensory, physical or cognitive problems, a sense of control in their life and developing fine motor skills, to Sensory Integration Therapy, Speech Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (therapy based on science of learning and behavior), Social Thinking Program, Handwriting without Tears program, a program that is a unique curriculum that uses entertaining, multisensory techniques and research based methods to help students develop skills sequentially and form letters—from Prewriting to Printing to Cursive, the Centre has much more to offer.

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It is known that up to the age of five, children have the ability to grasp and develop maximum skills, these primary years are of the utmost importance in forming the base for all social, motor, and cognitive development. Often when some children are deprived of the required stimulus to develop the skills at this stage they are then seen coping with difficulties such as delayed speech, in ability to form social relations, inability to perform basic motor skills such as writing, reading, sensory span issues, ADHD, etc. Dr IshaSoni, Centre Head and Occupational Therapist says “During the pandemic especially they have been able to cater to children globally through their tele-therapy offering and parents and children have personally witnessed how much difference they were able to bring into their life through the different therapies”. She continues by saying “by intervening and identifying the problem at an early stage, children are able to overcome the issues and gain that confidence which otherwise poses to be a hinderance later on in life”.

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Online Education Magazine in India, EasyShiksha Magazine

At Lexicon Rainbow Therapy and Child Development Centre, they not only tap into the child’s potential with these diverse therapy offerings but also provide a customized plan rather than a standardized plan for each child as they believe each child has his/her own identity and obstacles to overcome in this process of development. They offer a detailed assessment to a child and then based on that assessment customize a tailor-made intervention for the child which may include Occupational Therapy, Speech therapy, Behavior Therapy and Remedial Education. The approaches and methods also vary widely depending on the domain of developmental concern of the child. 

At Lexicon, they believe that just like a rainbow that is an arc of spectral colours that appears in the sky opposite the sun as a result of refractive dispersion of sunlight, likewise, every child has a different shade of its own yet independent and beautiful.

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