Life Skills Which Help in Meeting the Challenges of Life


Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. So in order to help you all, Easyshiksha lists down the skills you need to develop or polish so you all enjoy your lives rather than just living.

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They are described below:


Assertiveness is a behaviour or skill that helps to communicate clearly and confidently, our feelings, needs, wants and thoughts. It is the ability to say ‘no’ to a request, to state an opinion without being self-conscious, or to express emotions such as love, anger openly.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

An assertive person feels confident, has high self-esteem and a solid sense of his identity.

Time Management:

Managing time helps to relieve pressure, organising our life and thus leading a balanced life.

Rational Thinking:

This involves challenging your distorted thinking and irrational beliefs, driving out potentially intrusive negative anxiety- provoking thoughts and making positive statements.

Improving Relationships:

This involves listening to what the other person is saying, expressing how you feel and what you think and accepting the other person’s opinions and feelings even if they are different from your own.


This involves keeping ourselves healthy and relaxed which prepares us physically and emotionally to tackle the stresses of everyday life.

Overcoming Unhelpful Habits:

More adjusted individuals avoid being a perfectionist who are unable to stop work, find it difficult to relax, are critical of others, do not avoid by putting the issue under the carpet and avoid procrastination by putting the task to be done later.


A balanced diet can lift one’s mood, give more energy, feed muscles, improve circulation, prevent illness, strengthen the immune system and make one feel better to cope with stresses of life. The key to healthy living is to eat three main meals a day, and eat a varied well-balanced diet.

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Regular exercise plays an important role in managing stress stretching exercises, yogic asanas and aerobic exercises have a calming effect and increase the arousal level of the body.

Positive Attitude:

People having accurate perception of reality, a sense of purpose in life and responsibility, acceptance and tolerance for different viewpoints of others, taking credit for success and accepting blame for failure have a positive attitude. These people are open to new ideas and have a sense of humour.

Positive Thinking:

Optimists cope with stress in a better way, use problem- focused coping strategies and seek advice and help from others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pessimists ignore the problem or source of stress and use strategies such as giving up the goal with which stress is interfering or denying that stress exists.

Social Support:

Social support effectively reduces psychological distress such as depression or anxiety, during times of stress. Studies show pregnant women with a close friend have lesser medical complications. Social support may be in the form of tangible support which involves money or services such as a child giving notes to his/her friend, information support such as a student having faced a board examination giving information to his friend or emotional support in which individuals are loved, valued and cared for.

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