MDAE hosts Speaker Series featuring Wellington Management, MD and Geopolitical Strategist, Mr. Thomas W. Mucha


Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE), India’s leading postgraduate institute for Economic, Data Analytics, Finance and, Public Policy, hosted another Speaker Series on ‘Geopolitics on Shifting Ground, why the next 20 years are likely to be chaotic’ featuring Mr. Thomas W. Mucha, MD and Geopolitical Strategist at Wellington Management, Greater Boston on 2nd May 2022 at 5:30 pm. The virtual panel discussion covered three geopolitical trends: climate change, shifting world order and political dysfunction.

The virtual event on ‘Geopolitics on Shifting Ground, why the next 20 years are likely to be chaotic’, featured Mr. Thomas W. Mucha’s key insights on geopolitics, economics, and the potential investment implications

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Mr. Thomas W. Mucha, MD and Geopolitical Strategist at Wellington Management, said, “The wide array of risks associated with conflicts between the states, such as climate change, shifting world order, and political dysfunction, significantly affects global trade, political relations, and security. 

 The US-China great power competition is shifting the global order and will remain a dominant theme for years. These types of risks often cause civil disturbances, resulting in negative financial consequences for the foreign investors. The global economy is already suffering the repercussions of the pandemic and the national security concerns like strategic waterways, nuclear security, and a threat to artificial intelligence may result in potential wars.”

“India is central to the geopolitical equation right now, and will be for years to come. So, I don’t think India can have an insular view going forward.” He added while talking about India’s critical role in upcoming geopolitical events. 

Prof. Amlesh Kanekar, Director of Academic Programs, Meghnad Desai Academy, said, “The pandemic and geopolitical tensions are shifting the world order. The new national security strategy is set up for a great power competition. In this context, the deep insights from Mr. Thomas W. Mucha were stimulating for the viewers who want to contemplate on how to overcome the inequality and political dysfunction associated with this.”

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During the event, Mr. Thomas W.Mucha shared what matters the most in a geopolitical strategy, how to invest in it and reap great rewards from the same. He gave a brief rundown of what we are dealing with today when it comes to drastic climate changes. Severe droughts and powerful hurricanes are emerging as a global disruption and a big threat to the global economy. Climate change is a national security issue with potential impacts on DoD missions, operational plans, and installations. The potential war and the strategic waterways may risk global trade and stability. Elaborating on the modern military strategies of the US and China, he explained that space, artificial intelligence, and cyber threats are emerging as new battlefields for nations for a great power show.


Mr. Thomas W. Mucha is the Managing Director and Geopolitical Strategist at Wellington Management in Boston, specializing in geopolitical analysis and macroeconomic investment research. He is an award-winning journalist who was associated with prestigious media houses like CNN, Global Post & Time Inc.

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