Mission75 – Robin Hood Army to serve 75 lakh meals to underprivileged citizens in 350+ cities with Uber, ABP Network, The Minimalist, & Glance


India, August 10, 2022: Mission75 In a nationwide effort to celebrate the 75th year of India’s Independence, Robin Hood Army is serving 75 lakh meals to underprivileged citizens across 350+ cities in 28 states and union territories through their campaign #Mission75 with partners like ABP Network, The Minimalist, Glance, and Uber. They are also going to catalyse empowering 75 lives in each of the aforementioned cities.

Through #Mission75 the Robin Hood Army will bring together civic society, influencers, media houses and corporates on the 15th of August across India, to meet a two-pronged objective – feeding the hungry and providing the truly marginalized access to opportunities that have potential to transform their lives. 

On a mission using a hyper-local model to solve a much bigger problem, The Robin Hood Army with its close-knit network of volunteers spread across the farthest parts of the country aims to:

● Serve 75 lakh meals: Lakhs of Robin Hood Army volunteers, called ‘Robins’ will be serving meals and ration to their fellow citizens in all corners of the country. These drives will aim to serve people with the least access to basic resources – orphanages, old age homes, shelters, rural inhabitants among others.

Empower 75 lives X 350+ cities: In each of the 350+ cities where RHA has a presence, they will identify 75 individuals and be the catalyst in bringing about a life changing impact. They will enlist the support of partners like ABP, The Minimalist, Glance and Uber to provide aid for people with physical and/or mental disabilities, terminally ill patients, and retired war heroes. This includes health care support, generating employment opportunities and creating avenues for skill-based training.

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Highlighting RHA’s mission, Aarushi Batra, Co-Founder of Robin Hood Army said, “Feeding the hungry, is more than just providing a day’s meal.  It is also about building a relationship of trust and putting the lives of people on a path that enables them to earn their living and provide for their families. It is about providing access to health care and making them self-reliant in the truest sense.”

Partnering for the second year in a row with the Independence Day drive, Prabhjeet Singh, President, Uber India & South Asia said, “We, at Uber, are pleased to partner with the Robin Hood Army for #Mission75. We live by #DoingTheRightThing and want to provide support to communities that we serve. This initiative will help bring positive change to people’s lives by feeling the hungry and providing access to health care to those who need it the most.”

Yugank Kapila, Strategy Operations Lead, Robin Hood Army, who is leading #Mission75 at Robin Hood Army said, “Citizens first – these are more than just words for the Robin Hood Army. They pave the way for everything we do. Keeping that as our guiding light, this Independence Day, the entire team is coming together to serve, to enable, to empower our citizens who are in need. Each city, each Robin is doing their part and what unfurls with the cumulative effort is pure magic.”


About Robin Hood Army:

The Robin Hood Army (RHA) is a volunteer organization which has thousands of young professionals and citizens who have taken to the streets in their free time to fight global hunger – the team collects surplus food from restaurants and distributes it to the less fortunate. In eight years, RHA has served food to 100 million people across 350+ cities globally through a team of 200,000 volunteers. The team, which is now a Harvard case study, has a strict no-funds approach, and scales up through social media and partnerships.

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