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  1. Can you brief us about the idea behind Goal2Learn and how has been the journey so far?

Response:  Mr. Jay Rathod We all witnessed the onset of the digitalization in the country and the swift turn the marketing industry took with it. Digital marketing has seen a steep uprising since its inception with the scope of work widening as we speak. With the demand of the profession growing, supply of skilled professionals is imperative. For a skill-based profession, I truly believe only theory-based guidance limits its growth. In order to explore one’s true potential in an industry like Digital Marketing, which hones skills based on industry expectation, I founded Goal2learn. Goal2Learn serves a platform bridging the gap between company demands and skills needed from marketing enthusiasts. ‘New Direction, Great Opportunities’ being the motto of the institute, our courses have benefitted more than 1000 students till date through courses offered.

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  1. Speaking of ‘agency styled digital marketing institute’, what are the points you would like to highlight on?

Response: ‘Agency styled digital marketing institute’ basically means providing students with practical knowledge in a way an agency works and expects its resources to function. Goal2learn is a pioneer in adapting the agency style learning set up with a technologically equipped infrastructure aiding a well-rounded education process and a viable certification. To enhance the digital marketing skills and create a friendly experience, our platform provides an opportunity for the students to learn in their preferred language from the mentors.

  1. With the covid19 outbreak, how has Goal2Learn adapted Virtual Learning?

Response:  Since the pandemic has disrupted our sense of normalcy, the virtual world has come for the rescue. The demand for online learning has witnessed a sudden wave since the lockdown and while many fields are affected by this crisis, digital education is one of the industries which is at its peak. At Goal2Learn, our classroom courses have moved to zoom and to pre-recorded videos, ensuring smooth student learning experience. Advocating the ‘Vocal for local’ initiative, our team prioritizes training the students to meet the market demand and making them ready for the professional world.

  1. Practical knowledge over Theory knowledge, which training approach is Goal2Learn utilizing?

Response:  At Goal2Learn, we believe practical knowledge weighs more compared to theoretical knowledge. It’s the hands-on learning experience that inculcates a conceptual understanding which enables effective operations over just studying the technique on paper.

The personalized training approach by industry experts, focusing on practical training is what sets aside Goal2Learn from its contemporaries. By adapting an on the job learning technique and approach, the trainers assist their students in the most equipped way making them ready for the professional world. Keeping in mind the dynamic nature of this industry, the institute offers courses on various marketing tools such as paid marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, content marketing, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing presenting a holistic overview of the digital space.

  1. Crisis creates opportunities for change, are you optimistic about the post pandemic world?

Response: ‘Change creates opportunity’, this pandemic has been a boon or a ban for many businesses and with an uncertain future. Since the ongoing crisis has disrupted the normal lifestyle, the virtual world has come to the rescue. As people are held captive to the four walls for months with digital media, companies are moving digitally faster than ever. Businesses who are able to use this opportunity and go along with the digital marketing trends will gain rewards in the near years.

Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder, Goal2Learn

Mr. Jay Rathod is the Founder of Goal2Learn Institute, an agency styled institute where students are given optimal level of training to match up to the fast-paced agency life set up with practical live projects, industry experts and faculties with industry experience. Jay is a digital marketeer with a decade long experience in corporate business management and entrepreneurship. An engineer by education turned marketing entrepreneur with his digital agency Koffeetech communication turned marketing expert, Jay understood the void in the learning process with practical knowledge of this budding industry of Digital marketing which has now benefitted 1000+ students with its programs. Innovation and result driven approach are the two mantras Jay believes in and has acquired since the company and institute’s inception. Driven by dedication and hard work, Jay has won many prestigious awards such as Top 10 android developers in India by TCS in 2013, Top 10 Startups of the Year in 2019 by Silicon India Magazine, MSME 5000 Awards 2020, Career Guide Speaker in educational institutes for Digital Marketing. A keen reader and a travel junkie, Jay keeps up with a dynamic nature of the digital world striving to be an early adopter to new trends.


-Platform bridging the gap between company demands and digital marketing skills

Goal2Learn is a digital marketing institute stationed in Mumbai, focusing on practical education over theoretical knowledge providing an agency style learning. Founded in the year 2017 by Mr. Jay Rathod, a digital marketeer; Goal2learn serves as a platform that trains young digital marketing enthusiasts into skilled resources meeting industry demands and expectations.

A technologically equipped institute, Goal2learn is a pioneer and a forerunner in the digital marketing learning space. A holistic curriculum with focus on digital programs and syllabus with an accredited certification led by industry experts. The personalized training approach champions practical and hands-on training providing the right exposure aided with industry live practical projects. Adapting an on the job learning technique and approach, the institute provides grooming of the students most equipped for the professional world.

The curriculum inducts an enthusiast with the required digital marketing tools such as paid marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, content marketing, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. All the courses offered by the institute are designed by industry professionals and as per the needs of corporates to meet the industry requirements based on new-age and advanced technologies. As of today, 1000+ students have benefited from Goal2Learn’s programs.

Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder, Goal2Learn says, “Practical knowledge takes everything a step ahead. It’s the hands-on learning experience that actually makes one do things as opposed to knowing how to do it. Yet, it’s the theoretical knowledge that weighs more in our education system and the students are running in the race of distinction. Getting the students trained completely with practical aspects and making them industry ready is exactly what Goal2Learn is all about. This skill-based platform was founded with a sole intention of filling in the void between industry requirements and horning the right skill.”

‘New Direction, Great Opportunities’ is the motto of Goal2Learn and they aspire to be an innovative, dynamic, and influential education institute to learn and work with. Advocating ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative, Goal2learn is set to empower the next generation of digital professionals ready to match up to the digital India vision.

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