Mumbai based artist and LGBTQ personality Nakshatra Bagwe releases the second season of his YouTube web series, The Visitor


12th April: After the success of his first web series, Mumbai based artist and LGBTQ personality, Nakshatra Bagwe released The Visitor 2, second season of this YouTube web series. The series is about PRIDE and Travel, two things that Nakshatra always wanted to incorporate into a project that gave birth to the concept of The Visitor.

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Naksh, an adventurous and confident young gay man, works for a travel magazine and is frequently dispatched on exploration work. He travels to several locations like Kolhapur in season 1 and Gujarat in season 2. His dating experiences, the people he meets, the friends he makes along the road, and the way he views tourist attractions all contribute to The Visitor’s story. This season focuses on subjects such as same-sex couples’ love in small towns, transgender people’s challenges, the realities of dating, and homosexual community’s older generations’ issues, among others.

This is the first time Nakshatra has assembled such a diverse cast, which includes nine newcomers. He knew no one would give him a chance because he was an average-looking gay guy ten years ago, and the situation hasn’t improved much since then, but he didn’t give up hope. He worked for himself, made his own opportunities, and now he is in a position to help others in the LGBTQ+ community and allies do the same. The numbers get better and better with each episode. The story is told in the comments area, where many are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. They are eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes and the conclusion of the story.

On this joyous occasion, Nakshatra said, “A project like The Visitor 2 takes two months to plan. Finding suitable community artists is a difficult task because many people are still in the closet and fear portraying a gay figure. I’m extremely pleased with my entire team, who has worked tirelessly to assist us break down societal obstacles. All I want is that everyone enjoys the second season and shows their love and blessings.”

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