Muscle & Strength India enters Bihar market with store launch in Patna


Patna, October 14, 2022:  Muscle & Strength India, one of the country’s leading retailers of fitness supplements & nutritional products has launched its store in Patna, Bihar. Renowned Fitness Model and Influencer Mohmmad Iqbal and renowned celebrity fitness trainer Mayank Pawar inaugurated the store located at Danapur, Patna. Muscle & Strength India is now looking to expand aggressively in East India market through franchisee route as it seeks to deepen its presence in India’s growing nutritional supplement space.

Muscle and Strength India, which currently has 22 stores spread across multiple cities has the widest range with over 1000 fitness supplements and nutrition products from 42+ brands. These products are used for athletic performance, fitness and overall wellness.

Muscle & Strength India is a leading brand in the supplements space today endorsed by celebrities and athletes like Mika Singh, Shreyas Talpade, and Tarun Gill amongst others.  The company offers a comprehensive range of genuine high-quality fitness supplements and nutritional products across categories such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements etc manufactured by international fitness brands under a single roof.

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“Our unwavering commitment towards genuine and economically priced supplements and consumer-focused innovation has increased consumers’ trust in our brand. Our supplement chain has become the gold standard in this sector to provide genuine supplements for people across age groups. Apart from metros, we are also witnessing demand in the tier 2 & tier 3 cities where availability of latest, genuine and economically priced supplements is still a challenge. We aim to expand in the near future and further launch products in various variants, focusing on different health and wellness categories and segments.,” said Mr. Praveen Chirania, Founder, Muscle and Strength India.

“We wish to bring awareness amongst people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and help others achieve their fitness goals. Supplements are a direct source of protein and it’s really beneficial if taken carefully and with proper knowledge. With so many supplements stacking up on the shelves, genuineness is a questionable factor for all as there are a lot of fake, counterfeit products in the market. However, authenticity is a guarantee when you shop at Muscle & Strength India,” said Mohmmad Iqbalrenowned fitness model and influencer.

“The fitness and wellness industry in India is growing at an unparalleled pace as more people embrace fitness and healthy lifestyle as a way of living and are much more inclined towards achieving their fitness goals. However, it is important to make the distinction between genuine and fake supplements and hence one should buy them from genuine dealers of reputed brands. Our ideal target audience are those who are interested in fitness and sports nutrition, gym-goers, sports enthusiasts, health gurus, health-conscious individuals, etc. We are happy to join hands with Muscle & Strength India who has become one of the fastest growing retail chains in the health supplement market in India.” said Sandeep Rahul, Store Owner, Muscle and Strength India.

Muscle & Strength India had recently won the award for India’s Best Fitness Supplements Products Brand & Franchisor 2022 by Blindwink, renowned company for market research. In another feat, Insights Success recognized Mr. Praveen Chirania, Founder, Muscle and Strength India as one of India’s 40 Under 40 Brightest Business Leaders for his exemplary leadership and exceptional business acumen enabling advancements in the industry.

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